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Setting up with cloth nappies

Setting up with cloth nappies

Setting up with cloth nappies before your baby arrives can be a good idea. You know that you have everything that you need and don’t need to worry about sorting things out once your baby arrives. But what’s the best way to get set up with reusable nappies?

Birth to Potty Packs

For some people, the best way to start using cloth nappies is to get hold of one or two different types and give them a go. But what if you could buy one pack that had everything you needed in it? What if you didn’t have to worry about your baby moving to the next size, or need more absorption? That’s where a birth to potty pack comes in. These packs contain all of the cloth nappies you will need from when your baby is newborn and tiny, right up to the stage when they’re out of cloth nappies. We have a number of complete nappy packs to choose from, but when it comes to the best option right from newborn, then you can’t really go past our Ecobots Birth to Potty Pack. Each pack contains not only all the nappies that you’ll need but some great accessories too.

Everything you need for setting up with cloth nappies

Each birth to potty pack comes with our soft and popular cotton prefold nappies. These nappies are absorbent and easy to use. In four different sizes, there’s always a size to fit your baby, whatever stage they are at. As your little one gets older, then you can use some of the smaller sizes as boosters when you need extra absorbency such as overnight. Many birth to potty packs have one size fit most nappies (OSFM). While these do fit a wider range of sizes, they tend not to fit as well as sized covers such as ours. They are particularly bulky on tiny newborns. Our covers also feature double gussets at the legs which really help to contain any explosive messes. You would struggle to find a more reliable system.

We’ve also included some handy extras such as two of our cloth nappy wet bags, ideal for when out and about. They can also be used to carry wet and dirty clothes when your little one starts daycare. We’ve also included twelve cotton wipe. Simply wet and use in place of disposable wipes at change time.

Ecobots birth to potty nappy pack

The complete pack

With everything that you need, the birth to potty pack from Ecobots is ideal for parents who want to have their cloth nappies all set up and ready to go. Take some of the stress out of preparing for your baby and get your cloth nappies from our birth to potty pack.

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