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Second hand cloth nappies

Second hand cloth nappies

If you’re looking to start out in cloth nappies without spending a fortune, or to build up your nappy stash without breaking the bank, then second hand cloth nappies are a great place to start. What should you look for when buying second hand nappies? Where should you look for them from? What do you need to know? Don’t worry, we can help you navigate the challenge of dealing with pre-loved cloth nappies.

Second hand cloth nappies

Buying second hand cloth nappies

  • Always ask about condition, are they still in good, usable condition?
  • Ask if there are any cracks in the PUL or and holes.
  • Nappies that rustle are sometimes a sign that the PUL has delaminated and come away from the fabric. They can be still usable like this, but it becomes much more delicate and easy to damage.
  • Stains can be removed and don’t effect the nappies function, but you might prefer nappies that at least look fairly clean.
  • Some washing practices and detergents can damage nappies, so it’s always worth asking how they were washed.
  • Elastics are the other area that can be problematic. Ask if the elastics are still firm and have plenty of stretch in them.

Selling pre-loved nappies

If you are looking to sell your cloth nappies when you no longer need them, then there is usually a good market for them. Before listing them anywhere, make sure that you check for any damage or wear to them so that you can list them clearly and fairly. You don’t need to strip wash nappies before sale, although some people prefer to do so. Take photos of the nappies that show their condition clearly and make sure you highlight any areas that are less than perfect. There are lots of places to sell cloth nappies, trademe and facebook buy and sell groups are both popular. If you don’t want to actually make any money from selling your nappies, then you can also donate them to places such as the pregnancy help nappy bank.

If second hand cloth nappies are not your thing, there are plenty of other options for reasonably priced cloth nappies. Our OSFM pack is particularly good value for money and you can always sell it on when you have finished with them.

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