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Reviews and testimonials from our customers. Take a look at the reviews left by our customers of our product. Reviews of our products such as our dinky pocket nappy and snappi nappy fasteners. Find out what our customers think of our cloth nappies and accessories.

  1. Maureen R. (verified owner)

    Very disappointed they shrank on first wash

    Cotton Washable Wipes 6 packCotton Washable Wipes 6 pack

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  2. Renae S. (verified owner)

    Disappointed with these. I’ve been using a mooncup for the past 15 years but thought I might try these. Not the best design with slinky material on the back, they move around. Sliding up and down the knickers. They won’t stay in place.

    Bamboo minky sanitary pad - regularBamboo minky sanitary pad – regular

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  3. Carla C. (verified owner)

    Too soft and doesn’t work for me. Almost impossible for it to open up inside of me. Tried every trick but no matter what there was almost always leaking due to it not opening properly. Would recommend a firmer cup to others that “pops” open.

    Menstrual cupMenstrual cup

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  4. Judith W. (verified owner)

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  5. Melissa M. (verified owner)

    I think even though I went with the advice that the cup was too large and uncomfortable and unable to fully open.

    Menstrual cupMenstrual cup

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  6. Paula d. (verified owner)

    Ur websites not approachable. Not happy

    Menstrual cupMenstrual cup

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  7. Mikayla C. (verified owner)

    It’s way to big and I got the smellest one wast of money

    Menstrual cupMenstrual cup

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  8. Sylvia J. (verified owner)

    I would love to review this product but not on a public page

    Large minky and bamboo sanitary padLarge minky and bamboo sanitary pad

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  9. Emma C. (verified owner)

    I have tried using this as described, it leaked water all over my microwave and didn’t seem to boil the cup. It is easier for me to use a pan, I am using this as a storage container for the cup now.

    Menstrual cup steriliserMenstrual cup steriliser

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  10. Louise H. (verified owner)

    Very disappointed as doesn’t give an accurate reading just gives you an estimate ie between 15-21 which is a huge scale.

    Nursery room thermometer card

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13 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I don’t know why I didn’t google for reusable sanitary pads before. They are the most comfortable pad I’ve ever had. Fragrance free, which I now need. I buy the large and they are amazing, the amount they absorb and still feel dry and are so soft and comfy. I wondered how just one dome would keep everything in place, but the whole design means they fit and stay in place without any hassle. If one can ever say having one’s period is “joy”, these almost make it that, especially in perimenopause when I’m having them fortnightly. No leaks. I feel safe, I feel comfortable and they also dry well in the dryer if necessary. Wonderful. As soon as you have more in, I’m ordering. =)

  2. Fantastic service. They sent me the wrong size nappy bag and sent the correct one. No charge and i could keep the smaller one. Speedy delivery Arrived within 2 days..☺

  3. Lite comfort snug pads.

    Total bliss, great for light to regular menstral cycle, however did not cover the heavy flows as good as what I was hoping for, apart from that can’t really fault it, as the price is unbelievely cheap in comparison to other pads out on the market, overal awesome
    Will definitely be ordering for more for the reg to light flows

  4. MENSTRUAl CUP ( large pink $10)
    Ordered yesterday and arrived NExted Morning.
    So easy to use and very comfortable ….loving so far over Tampons.
    I wish I’d know about them in my early twenties.
    Would recommend PRODUCt 5stars!!!!

    1. Recently purchased reusable wipes, breast pads and sanitary pads. Great quality and price. Fast delivery and excellent service. Very happy. Would purchase items through this company again.

  5. I have purchased recently Cloth pegs and trust me they have the best quality and products that beats Chinese stuffs and they are definitely worth the money.

  6. Third child in and we have finally decided to trial out cloth nappies !
    Shes 6 months old and they are sooo easy and convenient and they fit like a breeze.. not to mention they actually contain the poo-nami! Trust me thats a thing.
    Thabk god we did because we just found out we are expecting another bundle of surprise ! Going to save so much miney and no more nappy rashes ever again from disposable nappies.

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