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Thinking about reusable menstrual products

reusable menstrual products

More and more women are trying and using reusable menstrual products, there’s a reusable revolution going on. But what’s so great about washable sanitary pads and menstrual cups? Should you consider giving them a go? What’s all the fuss about?

reusable menstrual products

Washable sanitary pads

Before disposable pads became available, women used rags to absorb their menstrual flow. Our modern washable sanitary pads fall somewhere between the old fashioned rags and disposable pads. Unlike scraps of cloth, these new pads are designed to be used during your period. They are usually shaped in a similar way to disposable pads, sewn into an oblong or oval shape that fits the knickers, with wings that clip around to hold them in place. Unlike disposable pads, they do not have a sticky strip on the underside, but with firm fitting knickers, they don’t tend to move or slip around, making them a reliable choice. Pads such as these come in a range of different fabrics, most of which are fairly easy to launder and look after. Using a washable pad cuts down on the amount of chemicals you are exposed to, saves money and is better for the environment as you are not having to continually buy more products and then throwing them away.

Menstrual cups

If you prefer to use tampons, then you might like to think about a menstrual cup. Although there are other options for reusable, internal products, many of these such as sea sponges, can be harder to clean and run the risk of introducing an infection, as they absorb liquid. Menstrual cups are made of silicon, which is unlikely to cause a reaction and rather than absorbing blood, simply collect it, until you are ready to remove and empty it. As a rule, they tend to last longer than a tampon between changes and as they do not absorb liquid, they do not dry out natural moisture, as tampons do. Many people find that they actually have a lighter flow once they are using a menstrual cup regularly. Although they can cost a little more to buy, they last for around ten years, so once you have one, there is no further outlay.

Choosing reusable menstrual products

Switching to reusable menstrual products can be a life changing experience, or it can simply mean that you’re spending a bit less money each month. Either way, it needn’t cost a fortune to give it a go, we stock a range of affordable menstrual products which are ideal for starting out with washable pads and menstrual cups. You can find all of our menstrual products, including our basic range and the more expensive items such as the moon cup, here.

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