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Reusable menstrual pad sizes

Reusable menstrual pad sizes

Reusable menstrual pad sizes can be confusing. How do you know which one will work best for you? Here is our guide to the different sizes that our washable pads come in.

Reusable menstrual pad sizes

Washable liners

Liners are great for everyday freshness. They do not need to be very absorbent as they are not designed for use during your period. Our liners are great to wear on a daily basis. With just one layer of microfibre absorbency. They are backed with a waterproof backing of pul fabric and are topped with soft microfleece for a stay dry feel. Liners measure 17 cm long.

Regular menstrual pads

Our regular pads are our most popular pads. With two layers of absorbency and a choice of fabrics, they are perfect for your period. Our basic pul pads have two layers of microfibre for absorbency, a PUL waterproof layer and soft microfleece topping. Our bamboo pads have a layer of microfibre and a layer of bamboo fleece for extra absorbency. They are backed with a PUL coated minky fabric in a choice of colours. The top of the pad is bamboo charcoal, which has a stay dry feel to it. Both of our regular pads measure approximately 25 cm long.

Petite bamboo and minky menstrual pads

Brand new to our regular menstrual pads range are our bamboo petite pads. These pads have the same absorbency and fabric as our regular bamboo menstrual pads, but are smaller. These pads measure 20 cm long. This is a great size if you want something a little smaller than our standard pad without losing the absorbency or protection that it provides. They are also a great choice for teenagers or younger women.

Large menstrual pads

When it comes to overnight use, or for use as maternity pads, then you want something that offers a lot of coverage. Our large or night pads are perfect for this. As well as being longer than our other pads, they also have a wider section at the back of the pad. This means that you are still covered when lying down on your back. Our night pads are available in our basic PUL and microfibre combination or in our bamboo and minky combination. Like our regular pads, these bamboo pads have a layer of microfibre and one of bamboo fleece. This makes an absorbent pad which is also fairly trim. The pad itself measures approximately 34 cm long.

A range of reusable menstrual pad sizes

Our range of reusable menstrual pad sizes means that you can always find the right size for your needs. From light everyday freshness to the heaviest day or your period or even after giving birth, we have got the pads for you. Check out our full range here.

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  1. Hi there- I am wanting to make the switch to reusable pads and liners. I am just wondering about how many to order. I like to wear a liner every day so I was thinking 7? Also, how many pads would you suggest getting? Thank you! Amber

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