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We're just catching up on sending orders out from while we were away. Please be patient while we get back up to speed.
  • Bleached white cotton flat nappies

    Flat cotton nappies

    NZD $3.50NZD $18.00
  • 6 Flat cotton nappies unbleached

    NZD $18.00
  • Out of stock
    Sale! Newborn nappies

    Pre-fold newborn nappies (6 pack)

    Original price was: NZD $19.00.Current price is: NZD $13.30.
  • cotton nappies

    Infant pre-fold cotton nappies (6 pack)

    NZD $22.00
  • Regular nappies

    Regular nappies (pack of 6)

    NZD $25.00
  • 1 Flat cotton nappy unbleached

    NZD $3.50
  • 6 Infant organic cotton nappies

    NZD $25.00
  • 6 Organic cotton pre-fold nappies (regular)

    NZD $29.00
  • pre-fold nappies

    Super cotton pre-fold nappies (6 pack)

    NZD $29.00
  • cloth nappies and the environment

    All you need prefold pack

    NZD $190.00
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