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Why are ecobots so cheap?

Why are Ecobots so Cheap?

Why are Ecobots so cheap? Compared to lots of other prefolds on the market, they seem to cost much less. Does that mean that they are not as good quality? Value for money The first time I came across someone asking why our cotton prefolds were so cheap, I was quite surprised. It hadn’t really occurred to me that someone might think that they were… Read More »Why are Ecobots so Cheap?

Top tips for cloth nappies

top Tips for cloth nappies

Tips for cloth nappies cover all kinds of things. I decided to ask people on my facebook page what they wish they had known before using cloth nappies. Here are a few of their thoughts: Tips for cloth nappies There are many different styles of nappies, best to find the right fit for your child before investing in a whole collection. Trial packs are a… Read More »top Tips for cloth nappies

sized nappy covers

Sized nappy covers

Sized nappy covers have lots of advantages over the one size fits most covers on the market. While our covers might look simple and basic, they actually have lots of features that make them a great choice. Sized nappy covers v OSFM covers As much as I love our one size fits most covers and believe me, I do, there are some great advantages to… Read More »Sized nappy covers

Why do my cloth nappies rustle

Why do my cloth nappies rustle?

Why do my cloth nappies rustle? Usually, cloth nappies shouldn’t make any sounds, but sometimes you might find that some of them begin to make a rustling noise like a plastic carrier bag being scrunched up. But what causes this odd sound? Is it something to worry about? How can you avoid it? Rustling cloth nappies With any luck, rustling cloth nappies is something that… Read More »Why do my cloth nappies rustle?

Eco fabrics for resusable products

Eco-Fabrics For Reusable Products

Eco-fabrics, those that are natural or better for the environment are obviously the ideal choice for reusable products. There are a number of other things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing fabrics for cloth nappies and reusable menstrual products. Here’s a look at the fabrics that we choose and why we have selected them. Why we use different fabrics I have to… Read More »Eco-Fabrics For Reusable Products

Cloth nappy liners

Liners for cloth nappies

What are liners for? Liners for cloth nappies are not an essential part of using cloth nappies, but they do have advantages. Here is a look at the different options available to help you choose the right ones for your baby. Some times people seem to get a little confused between a cloth nappy liner and an insert. I’ll start off by explaining what each… Read More »Liners for cloth nappies