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reusable menstrual options

Reusable menstrual options

Reusable menstrual options might seem a bit overwhelming at first. There are plenty of different types out there, but what will work best of you? Here is a rundown of the features and advantages of each type Washable menstrual product types As with disposable products, there are two basic types of reusable menstrual products. Those which are worn outside of the body and those which… Read More »Reusable menstrual options

All about ecobots nappies

Ecobots the movie

All about Ecobots nappies is a small film that was made back in 2008. I’ve had it sitting around on DVD’s for years now, since I purchased the business in 2013. Although the video is quite old now, there’s still lots of great information that anyone thinking about using cloth nappies might find interesting. I thought that it might be time to upload onto here… Read More »Ecobots the movie

What age to start cloth nappies? Nursery scene with white cot and rocking chair

What age to start cloth nappies

Deciding what age to start cloth nappies can be difficult, what works for one family, might not be the best choice for another. I recently asked parents on our facebook page when they started using cloth nappies and why. We had so many responses that I’m going to split them over a number of posts. Here’s what some of them had to say. When to… Read More »What age to start cloth nappies

Hemp Bamboo or cotton?

Is hemp, bamboo or cotton the best choice when it comes to cloth nappy inserts? Here’s a look at the advantages of each one to help you make your decision. Hemp Hemp has long been one of my favourite fabrics for cloth nappy inserts. It’s super absorbent and can handle a huge amount of liquid. It’s a hard-wearing fabric that will last well. Using hemp… Read More »Hemp Bamboo or cotton?

holidaying with cloth nappies

Holidaying with cloth nappies

Holidaying with cloth nappies might seem like a crazy idea. Surely if you’re out and about, it would be easier and better to switch to disposables? There are some ways that you can keep using cloth while on your travels. here’s our guide. Tips for holidaying with cloth nappies Choose one type of nappy and stick to it, make sure that it’s something simple and… Read More »Holidaying with cloth nappies

Do cloth nappies leak? Young boy playing with blue pot and water dripping out of it

Do cloth nappies leak?

Cloth nappies leak! I’ve heard people say that so many times that I’ve lost count, but in all honesty, it simply isn’t true. There are lots of reasons that cloth is more reliable than disposable nappies. There are also things that you can do if you do get leaks in your reusable nappies. Read on to find out more. Why cloth is so reliable Cloth… Read More »Do cloth nappies leak?