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All change at Ecobots

It’s been all change here at Ecobots over the past few months.  If you’re a fan of our facebook page, you’ll probably already know that we have new owners.  Kelly from nappyneedz has taken over from Marsha and is now running Ecobots.  With this change we’ve got a few new products, like our snappi nappy fasteners, and we have liners back in stock.  There’s also… Read More »All change at Ecobots

Starting out with cloth nappies?

When you’re just starting out with cloth nappies, it can be very confusing.  I know that when my eldest son was born I’d spent ages looking at the different kinds out there, and getting a bit lost in the process.  If anything, there are even more nappies on the market now, and it’s even more confusing.  With this in mind, I’ve tried to come with… Read More »Starting out with cloth nappies?

Early cloth nappy design

I’ve always enjoyed making things myself, so it wasn’t far into my cloth nappy journey that I started to try making my own cloth nappies, and experimenting with my early cloth nappy design.  Like lots of people I started off copying some of the nappies that worked well for us, just to understand how they were put together and worked. After a while  I wanted… Read More »Early cloth nappy design

Cloth Nappy Advisor

By the time my oldest son was around six months old, I’d learnt a great deal about cloth nappies, and I was eager to share what I’d learnt with the rest of the world.  But how?  It was around this time that I decided to become a cloth nappy advisor and agent in the UK.  I found a company who sold cloth nappies, and set… Read More »Cloth Nappy Advisor

Beginning at the beginning

Half the battle when starting an online blog, is knowing what to post for your first post.  Of course, the fact that I’m even bothering to write one at all would suggest that I have something to say.  This particular blog is intended to tell you more about nappyneedz; what we sell, who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going.  I also… Read More »Beginning at the beginning

Uncategorized posts


Every so often I forget to put one of my posts into a category, and when I do it ends up in the uncategorized category.  Usually I remember pretty quickly, and move it.  So with any luck, this will be the only post you can find in this uncategorized category.  You’ll have to look else where for lost of interesting articles about reusable, washable modern… Read More »Uncategorized