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What is the best way to hang modern cloth nappies on the washing line?

Of all the many questions to do with washing cloth nappies, one that I have seen asked time and time again is what is the best way to hang modern cloth nappies on the washing line?  At first glance it seems like a bit of a silly question, is there really a way to hang modern cloth nappies when drying them that is better than… Read More »What is the best way to hang modern cloth nappies on the washing line?


Do you use a snappi to fasten your nappies?  Or are you still using nappy pins?  Want to know more about snappis and how to use them? When it comes to cloth nappies, there are many many different accessories available on the market.  Many are far from essential, but when considering what to buy, you can’t go far wrong with this handy little piece of… Read More »Snappi

Which are the best cloth nappies?

Every parent starting out with cloth nappies want to know, ‘which are the best cloth nappies?’  But how do you go about finding which ones are the best? How do you know if what works for one person, is also going to work for you?  Where do you start with choosing cloth nappies and picking the best? What makes a good cloth nappy? When looking… Read More »Which are the best cloth nappies?

Which cloth nappies should I buy?

Choosing the right cloth nappies when you are first looking at using them can be quite confusing.  There are so many choices that the question ‘which cloth nappies should I buy?’ isn’t an easy one to answer.  Our top tips should help you. Decide what you are looking for Knowing what you want from a resuable nappy system, will help you to narrow down your… Read More »Which cloth nappies should I buy?

Cloth nappies New Zealand

Click here to shop for New Zealand cloth nappies. Cloth nappies New Zealand When it comes to buying cloth nappies in New Zealand, you have three basic options. New Zealand made cloth nappies A New Zealand brand of cloth nappies, made elsewhere A foreign brand of cloth nappies sold in New Zealand. Lets have a look at your basic options with cloth nappies New Zealand.… Read More »Cloth nappies New Zealand

Cotton reusable nappies

Ecobots cotton nappies When looking for pure cotton reusable nappies, you can’t go far wrong with ecobots.  Our prefolds are made from soft cotton, manufactured in Pakistan.  They are produced without the use of formaldehyde. Once washed become incredibly soft and absorbent.  They are simple to use, good for the environment and good for your baby. Why cotton reusable nappies? With the vast array of… Read More »Cotton reusable nappies

How to buy cloth nappies online

How to buy cloth nappies online With the internet, shopping for baby essentials such as cloth nappies has never been easier, but what is the best way to buy cloth nappies online?  What should you look out for? What do you need to avoid? Want to know how to buy cloth nappies online? Advantages of buying cloth nappies on-line One of the great things about… Read More »How to buy cloth nappies online

What are pocket nappies?

The first time I came across pocket nappies, when researching cloth nappies on the internet nearly eight years ago, I remember thinking what are pocket nappies?  I assumed they must be some kind of lighter cloth nappy that you used when out and about.  I thought that they were pocket nappies, because they fit easily into your pocket.  As it turns out, that isn’t the… Read More »What are pocket nappies?

Cloth night nappies

Using cloth nappies at  night is no harder than using them during the day, but many people are reluctant to give cloth night nappies a go.  Here are a few top tips to help you make the switch to cloth nappy use at night, and to ditch the disposables. When it comes to night nappies, more is more.  Don’t be afraid to use extra boosters… Read More »Cloth night nappies

The world of cloth nappies

Ok, maybe that title isn’t quite what this is about, it’s not the world of cloth nappies, so much as the world as a cloth nappy.  Today is the pretties show case, on facebook, and Nappyneedz is taking part.  The theme this time is when I grow up, and after struggling for a bit with an idea, I settled on “When I grow up, I… Read More »The world of cloth nappies