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New products coming soon

New products on the way

New products are always exciting. This year, we’ve got quite a few things in the works. We’re going to be relaunching some old favourites that haven’t been available for a little while. We’ve also got something completely new and exciting in the works. Want to be the first to hear all about it? What’s on the way I don’t want to give too much away,… Read More »New products on the way

Nappyneedz Brand Reps

The Nappyneedz Brand Reps were chosen a few weeks ago and I thought that it was about time that I introduced them. Make sure that you check out their social media accounts to se what they’re up to. Ellena Hi I’m Ellena and a māmā, wife and a full time student studying a Bachelor of Education. I love supporting small NZ businesses and have an… Read More »Nappyneedz Brand Reps

cloth nappy week new zealand

Cloth Nappy Week New Zealand

Cloth Nappy Week New Zealand is being held from the 19th of April until the 25th of April. There are lots of events happening during the week that you can get involved with. Read on to find out more. Online events During cloth Nappy Week there are going to be two online events. At these cloth nappy companies (including Nappyneedz) will be hosting Q &… Read More »Cloth Nappy Week New Zealand

How to fold your menstrual cup

How to fold your menstrual cup

How you fold your menstrual cup can have a big impact on how well your cup works for you. Using different methods can make it easier or harder for the cup to open. Like many things, the best way varies from person to person. Here we have a run down of some of our favourite cup methods. Basic cup folds These basic folds are fairly… Read More »How to fold your menstrual cup