holidaying with cloth nappies

Holidaying with cloth nappies

Holidaying with cloth nappies might seem like a crazy idea. Surely if you’re out and about, it would be easier and better to switch to disposables? There are some ways that you can keep using cloth while on your travels. here’s our guide. Tips for holidaying with cloth nappies Choose one type of nappy and […]

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Do cloth nappies leak? Young boy playing with blue pot and water dripping out of it

Do cloth nappies leak?

Cloth nappies leak! I’ve heard people say that so many times that I’ve lost count, but in all honesty, it simply isn’t true. There are lots of reasons that cloth is more reliable than disposable nappies. There are also things that you can do if you do get leaks in your reusable nappies. Read on […]

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Best thing about cloth nappies. Orange one size fits most pocket nappy with hemp booster

What’s the best thing about Cloth Nappies?

Best thing about cloth nappies? That depends on who you ask. There are lots of great reasons to love cloth. I asked some of our Facebook followers what their favourite things about cloth nappies were and here are their answers. Best thing about cloth nappies They look and feel so much nicer!! Less environmental impact. […]

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Why are ecobots so cheap?

Why are Ecobots so Cheap?

Why are Ecobots so cheap? Compared to lots of other prefolds on the market, they seem to cost much less. Does that mean that they are not as good quality? Value for money The first time I came across someone asking why our cotton prefolds were so cheap, I was quite surprised. It hadn’t really […]

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Top tips for cloth nappies

top Tips for cloth nappies

Tips for cloth nappies cover all kinds of things. I decided to ask people on my facebook page what they wish they had known before using cloth nappies. Here are a few of their thoughts: Tips for cloth nappies There are many different styles of nappies, best to find the right fit for your child […]

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Switch to reusable menstrual products

Making the switch to reusable menstrual products

Switch to reusable menstrual products saving money and helping the environment. Here are our top tips for making the change. Tips to get you started Don’t worry about having a full collection of pads, to begin with, buy one or two to find out which you like. Not sure if a menstrual cup is for […]

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It's never to late to make the switch to cloth nappies

switch to cloth nappies, it’s never too late

Want to switch to cloth nappies but worried that you’ve left it too late? Here are our top tips for making the change and why it’s never too late to start using reusable nappies. Why it’s never too late Even if your little one is rapidly heading towards using the toilet independently, it’s still not […]

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sized nappy covers

Sized nappy covers

Sized nappy covers have lots of advantages over the one size fits most covers on the market. While our covers might look simple and basic, they actually have lots of features that make them a great choice. Sized nappy covers v OSFM covers As much as I love our one size fits most covers and […]

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Why do my cloth nappies rustle

Why do my cloth nappies rustle?

Why do my cloth nappies rustle? Usually, cloth nappies shouldn’t make any sounds, but sometimes you might find that some of them begin to make a rustling noise like a plastic carrier bag being scrunched up. But what causes this odd sound? Is it something to worry about? How can you avoid it? Rustling cloth […]

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Choosing the best cloth nappy inserts

Choosing the best cloth nappy inserts

What are the best cloth nappy inserts? How do you decide which ones to use for your baby? Here’s our guide to picking inserts for your cloth nappies. Types of inserts Cloth nappy inserts come in a wide range of types and styles. When you are choosing the right inserts for your babies nappies, then […]

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