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Bigger cloth nappy XL dinky

Need a bigger cloth nappy?

Bigger cloth nappies are sometimes needed. Perhaps your little one isn’t quite ready to use the toilet but has outgrown their OSFM nappies? Maybe they’re still using nappies at night. Whatever the reason our XL dinky nappies are a great choice. XL Dinky Features Designed to fit approx 15.5-22kg (although it does fit heavier weights with some babies). Deep leg gussets to help prevent leaks.… Read More »Need a bigger cloth nappy?

How to fit osfm cloth nappies

How to fit OSFM cloth nappies

Getting a good fit with OSFM cloth nappies doesn’t have to be hard. Just remember some basic tips and you’ll have perfectly fitting cloth nappies before long. Firstly, set the size of the cloth nappy by adjusting the rise snaps on the front. The nappy should fit low and snug; like underwear. Place your baby on the nappy. Pull the nappy up at the front,… Read More »How to fit OSFM cloth nappies

Save money; period

Saving money; period

Saving money on your period. Menstrual products can be quite expensive, particularly when you think how many periods you have a year and how long you’ll have them for. Here’s a look at how you can save when it’s that time of the month. The cost of a period How much does your period cost? Have you ever really thought about it? Obviously, the length… Read More »Saving money; period

What is a menstrual cup

What is a menstrual cup?

What is a menstrual cup? If you’ve heard about them but weren’t really sure what they were or how they worked, then this is for you! Period cups You might have heard them call many different things; period cups, moon cups, menstrual cups, but they’re all the same thing. A small cup that you wear internally in your vagina to collect your menstrual flow. Then,… Read More »What is a menstrual cup?

Daycares using cloth nappies

Daycares using cloth nappies

Daycares using cloth nappies can be a great way to help the environment and cut down on your waste. Lots of ECC have made the switch and giving parents the options can be a great drawcard. Here are our top tips for making the switch. If you are looking for tips for using your own nappies at daycare, then check out our post here. Tips… Read More »Daycares using cloth nappies

Old cloth nappies

What to do with old cloth nappies

Old cloth nappies can still have a life, even when your little one doesn’t need them anymore. Check out our top tips for reusing and recycling old cloth nappies. Uses for old cloth nappies Sell them; there is a good market for second hand nappies. Donate to a charity; within New Zealand your local pregnancy help with often take them to give families in need.… Read More »What to do with old cloth nappies

New print design

New print designs are Here

New print designs have arrived and they’re all ready for you to purchase. Check them out now. Five great new prints We have five fantastic new prints for you to choose from. Clouds Daisy Recycle Rainbow Biohazard All designed to be lots of fun. If you don’t take your cloth nappies too seriously, and lets face it, who has time for that, then these might… Read More »New print designs are Here

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