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Free Cloth Nappy Scheme from Nappyneedz

Free Cloth Nappy Scheme Reopens

The Free Cloth Nappy Scheme from Nappyneedz is now open again. For the next month, parents and families that need help to build up their cloth nappy stash can apply to receive a free cloth nappy pack. How the scheme works Open to residents of New Zealand. We are giving away two complete cloth nappy packs with microfibre inserts. These are designed for parents who… Read More »Free Cloth Nappy Scheme Reopens

Dinky Basics Range

Introducing the Dinky Basics range

The Dinky Basics range is our new range of value cloth nappies. Offering budget-conscious parents a reliable alternative from a New Zealand based brand. A Great Value Cloth Nappy Last year we introduced our value range of cloth nappies, as a way to give parents a more affordable option. This year we’ve updated this range by choosing a great range of colours and prints. There… Read More »Introducing the Dinky Basics range

New Product Launch next week

New Product Launch Next Week

It’s product launch time! Our latest new stock has just arrived, in time for our big launch next week. Make sure you read on to find out where and when you can learn more about these great new items. Product Launch Plans We’ve got some great new items to share with you soon. I’ll be loading them onto the website on Monday 27th of September.… Read More »New Product Launch Next Week

New products on the way

It’s always exciting when we have new products on the way. I found out yesterday that one of the new things I’ve been waiting for is due to arrive in just two weeks. I thought I’d take this chance to drop a few hints about some of the new things that we’ve got on the way and tell you where you can sign up to… Read More »New products on the way

Covid-19 level 4 lockdown update

Covid-19 level 4 lockdown update

Covid-19 level 4 lockdown update for Nappyneedz. Open for orders I hope that everyone is keeping well and staying safe during these trying times. As most of us know, nappies and menstrual products are pretty essential items when you need them. Fortunately, the government agrees and so we are able to keep shipping out orders. We have plenty of stock of most items on hand… Read More »Covid-19 level 4 lockdown update

How our cloth nappies work

How our cloth nappies work

Wondering how our cloth nappies work? Then look no further. While our Dinky Pocket Nappy might at first glance look just like many other nappies on the market. There’s actually much more to it. The dinky pocket nappy Like many other nappies, the dinky nappy has a range of sizing snaps on the front. It also features four snaps on the back. These are designed… Read More »How our cloth nappies work

Setting up with cloth nappies

Setting up with cloth nappies

Setting up with cloth nappies before your baby arrives can be a good idea. You know that you have everything that you need and don’t need to worry about sorting things out once your baby arrives. But what’s the best way to get set up with reusable nappies? Birth to Potty Packs For some people, the best way to start using cloth nappies is to… Read More »Setting up with cloth nappies