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why choose minky nappies? Six minky nappies in various colours

Why choose Minky nappies?

Minky nappies can be a great choice for your baby. But what is it that makes them different to other types of cloth nappies? Why should you consider them? Great reasons for using Minky Nappies The fabric is lovely and soft, they feel great against your babies skin. Being a polyester fabric, they are easy to look after and care for. Our range includes some… Read More »Why choose Minky nappies?

Are cloth nappies worth it?

Are cloth nappies worth it?

Have you been wondering “are cloth nappies worth it?” There are lots of reasons that cloth might be the right choice for your and your family. Here I’ll share some of the reasons that make cloth nappies a really good option. What makes cloth a good choice? Using cloth nappies works out much cheaper. You can save a couple of thousand of dollars easily with… Read More »Are cloth nappies worth it?

New look nappyneedz website

New Look Nappyneedz Website

New look Nappyneedz Website now live. Read on to learn more and find a discount code valid until 8th October 2020. Changes to our website If you’ve been here before, you might have noticed that a few things have changed. Our fantastic and great value products are still here, but our website has had a bit of a facelift. As with anything new, introducing a… Read More »New Look Nappyneedz Website

All about ecobots cloth nappies

Everything you ever wanted to know about Ecobots Cloth Nappies

Want to learn all about Ecobots Cloth Nappies? Then you are in the right place. This Kiwi brand has been around now for over 15 years and loved by thousands of Kiwi parents. But what are the Ecobots Nappies? What makes them different to other brands on the market? Why should you give this great New Zealand brand a go? What are Ecobots Ecobots cloth… Read More »Everything you ever wanted to know about Ecobots Cloth Nappies

can teenagers use menstrual cups

Can teenagers use menstrual cups?

Can teenagers use menstrual cups? Period cups are a great choice when it comes to reusable menstrual products, but are they really suitable for teenagers? Menstrual cups for teenagers For a long time, menstrual cups were available in two sizes. These were generally a smaller size for women who hadn’t yet been pregnant and were under 30. There was then a larger size for women… Read More »Can teenagers use menstrual cups?

Using woollen nappy covers

Using woollen Nappy covers – For best results

Using woollen nappy covers can be easy, once you’ve got the hang of it. They are a completely natural and breathable choice which makes them ideal for your baby. Find out more about getting the best results with wool. Why choose wool Wool has lots of advantages over man-made fabrics. Soft and comfortable it helps to regulate your babies temperature, stopping them from getting too… Read More »Using woollen Nappy covers – For best results