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Coming soon our Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sales is something that Nappyneedz has never taken part in before. This year for the first time, we’re having a huge sale on 24th November with bargains bigger than we’ve ever had before. You’re not likely to experience a sale like this at Nappyneedz again. Time to save Nappyneedz prices aim to be great value for money all year round. This year though,… Read More »Black Friday Sale

Cloth nappy business for sale - white cotton nappies pegged on a washing line.

Cloth Nappy Business For Sale

Cloth nappy business for sale. After 13 years with the current owners, Nappyneedz is looking for someone new to take it to the next level. An established cloth nappy brand I opened Nappyneedz in 2010 after the birth of my third baby. I wanted something that gave me the chance to work from home and that fit in with my interest in cloth nappies and… Read More »Cloth Nappy Business For Sale

Help Nappyneedz out with a great Google Review. Cloth nappies on a washing line.

Can you help Nappyneedz?

Want to help Nappyneedz? We need your help and it would be fantastic if you were able to assist with something. A helping hand for a small business Nappyneedz has been around for quite some time now, in fact, we’re coming up to our twelfth year in business this year! Like all small family businesses, reviews mean everything to us. That’s where you come in.… Read More »Can you help Nappyneedz?

Living greener in 2023. 2023 in brown with yellow flowers around it.

Living Greener In The New Year

Living greener doesn’t need to be hard and a New Year is a great time to make some changes. Here are our tips for a more environmentally friendly 2023. Why to consider living greener Are you looking to live a greener lifestyle? Here are some simple swaps you can make in your daily routine to reduce your environmental impact: By making these simple swaps, you… Read More »Living Greener In The New Year

An eco solution for your makeup with our lovely washable pads. Four of them shown here along with the net bag you can use to wash them

An eco solution for your makeup

Looking for an eco solution for your makeup? An eco makeup choice Are you tired of constantly buying and throwing away disposable makeup pads? Have you been looking for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution? Washable makeup pads might be the answer you’ve been searching for! Washable makeup pads are reusable pads that you use to remove your makeup and then wash and reuse. Made… Read More »An eco solution for your makeup

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