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One of a kind pocket nappies

I thought that I’d share a few pictures of my one of a kind pocket nappies.  I usually do these for showcases and one off events, but I also offer custom nappies on request.  Most of these nappies are what are often considered to be pretty nappies, that is they have some form of decoration or fabric that makes them more attractive than standard day to day nappies or workhorse nappies.  This does mean that one of a kind pocket nappies may need a little extra care when washing, just so that the decoration on them does not become damaged or tired.

Frills one of a kind pocket nappy

As well as splicing minky and cotton prints, to make a pretty one off nappy, I also like doing free hand applique designs, such as this snowman one of a kind pocket nappy.

Snowman one of a kind pocket nappy

One of the more interesting techniques that I’ve tried recently is free hand embroidery.  I don’t have an embroidery machine, but using a normal machine, you can still do some pretty cool freestyle stuff, like this fantail here:

Fantail one of a kind pocket nappy

Should you be interested in a custom made one of a kind pocket nappy, then please get in touch with your ideas, I may not be able to accommodate all suggestions, but I can be fairly flexible in the type of design that I am able to produce.

I’ve got a few more showcases coming up soon, so I might share them with you soon.  Or you can always keep an eye on my facebook page. Our current nappies are the witch nappy,  the falling in love skirty and the vintage nappy.

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