Night nappy tips and tricks

Finding the right cloth nappy to use at night can sometimes seem like a bit of a challenge.  A night nappy needs to be absorbent enough to last a whole night long without changing and still being comfortable for your little one.  After successfully using cloth nappies day and night on all four of my children, I thought I’d share some of my top night nappy tips and tricks.

What a night nappy needs

Ideally when looking for a good cloth night nappy, you are looking for something that will last all night long.  This may well change as your baby gets older.  A newborn baby will not need such an absorbent night nappy, as they will probably need changing at each feed.  As your little one gets older, you will only need to change them in the night if they poo, so the night nappy you choose will need to be absorbent enough to last all night.

Finding the right night nappy

Extra boosting your day nappies is fine for some babies and children, don’t worry if you find that they are very bulky.  A large night nappy shouldn’t bother your little one or effect their sleep.  Some babies who are very heavy wetters may need a dedicated night nappy that will be just for night time use.  As night nappies tend to have more boosting or absorbency, it might be worth trying a larger cover, or setting than you use during the day to accommodate everything.

Choosing the right night nappy

It it worth trying to add extra boosting to your day time nappy system for use as a night nappy.  If you are using pocket nappies, you may find that this makes them too bulky to sit on your baby properly.  Nappies like our dinky nappy are fine over nights, as they still ‘seal’ around the leg area when extra boosted due to the extra deep leg gussets.

night nappy tips and tricks

A great alternative for a night nappy is a two part nappy.  Either a fitted or prefold with a cover.  Our bamboo prefolds are great over nights, and in the ecobots double gusset cover make a great choice for night times.  Wool or fleece covers are also great at night, the wool breathes and allows some of the moisture to evaporate, which makes a great option when the nappy is very wet.

Trouble shooting common problems

Leaks –

  • if the night nappy is leaking, then consider extra boosting.
  • Also you may find that natural fibres are more reliable over night, as man made fabrics such as polyester can leak under pressure such as when your little one is lying on them.
  • A two part system (night nappy with a separate cover) is usually much more reliable than a pocket or all in one system over night.

Discomfort –

  • If your little one seems uncomfortable in a wet night nappy over night, think about using a microfleece or suede cloth washable liner, this will have a ‘stay dry effect’ on the skin.
  • You may find you need to use a barrier cream over night, make sure you use a washable or disposable liner so the night nappy doesn’t get dammaged.
  • Wool covers can be more comfortable for your little one, as the wool helps to keep a constant temperature which stops the nappy getting too cold in winter or too hot in summer.

Smelly nappies –

  • Night nappies can get very smelly as they are used for a long period of time, try to wash soon afterward and/or rinse when you take them off.
  • Wool covers can help the smells from getting too strong.
  • Leave your nappies out in the rain every now and again to get a really good rinse through.

Night nappies have to last all night long

Sometimes it takes a little time to find the right night nappy for you and your baby.  If you need extra help, then fill in our free advice form and we will give you some personalised advice.


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