Night nappies for a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can be a real challenge when you have small children. If your baby or toddler doesn’t have a night nappy that goes the distance, then it can be even harder. Here are a few night nappy tips to help your little one sleep all night.

The best night nappy for a good nights sleep

Night nappy tips

  • A dedicated night nappy isn’t necessary. You can need to use extra boosting in your ordinary cloth nappies.
  • Choosing a larger size nappy or cover than you would use in the day time, means that you can add extra absorbency.
  • Don’t worry about too much padding, it will still be comfortable for your little one.
  • Wool makes a great night nappy cover. Wool maintains body temperature, which stops a wet nappy feeling cold against the skin.
  • If you feed your baby in the night, only change if they have pooed. A wet nappy is fine.
  • A washable liner can help a wet nappy feel less damp against the skin.
  • Hemp and bamboo work really well at night for extra absorbency.
  • Rinse night nappy inserts in cold water as soon as you remove them. This will stop strong smells from developing.
  • Set up all you need to change a nappy each night¬†before you go to bed. If you do need to change your baby in the middle of the night, you will have everything to hand.
  • A nappy with a separate cover is ideal for night use as it is easier to boost.
  • Children will only be dry at night when they are ready. It is something that is controlled by a hormone and can’t be trained or taught.
  • Don’t worry about waking a child in order to go to the toilet, they will be dry at night when they are ready.

A good night’s sleep

Unfortunately choosing the right night nappy doesn’t guarantee a good night’s sleep. It can go some way towards helping you to get one. Once your little one is ready to sleep through, you can be sure that they aren’t waking up because they feel uncomfortable or need changing. If you’re looking for a good night option, check out our dinky nappy with night boosters here. We also sell hemp boosters, which work really well as night boosters here.

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