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New Product Launch Next Week

New Product Launch next week

It’s product launch time! Our latest new stock has just arrived, in time for our big launch next week. Make sure you read on to find out where and when you can learn more about these great new items.

Product Launch Plans

We’ve got some great new items to share with you soon. I’ll be loading them onto the website on Monday 27th of September. To celebrate I’ve got a few plans that I’ll share with you now. First of all, you can sign up for our VIP list. This will give you an exclusive sneak peek before the rest of the country gets to see what we’ve got. This will be emailed out to everyone who has signed up towards the end of this week. On launch day itself, everyone who has signed up will get an exclusive discount to use on the stock as soon as it’s launched. This will be a limited time discount, so make sure that you get in there fast. I’m also going to be running a giveaway, so you want to keep your eye on our social media pages. (Facebook and Instagram.)

New product launch ready to go

What’s on the way

So what new products are we going to launch? Our value nappies have had a bit of an overall. With new prints, new branding, insert options and new packs on the way, there’s sure to be something that grabs your eye. Once we’ve released these new prints and packs we’ll also be looking to reopen our free pack scheme. We’ve got a couple to giveaway. If you want to donate so that even more families who need a bit of extra help can get their hands on some cloth nappies, then you can do that here.

Sign up now

Make sure that you sign up now, to make sure that you don’t miss out. The VIP discount will only be offered to those who sign up to our VIP list. Click here to make sure that you’re on that list.

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