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Natural reusable menstrual products

natural reusable menstrual products

Natural reusable menstrual products are a great choice for your period. By making a natural choice, you can be sure that you are reducing the number of chemicals your body comes into contact with. You are also helping the environment.

natural reusable menstrual products

Organic cotton

For some time now, I’ve wanted to add a range of reusable menstrual pads that were made of natural fibres. Our popular range of current pads is a great way to get into making the switch to washable products. However, some people have been looking for something that is a bit more natural. I was really excited when I found a range of organic cotton pads that I could introduce to the Nappyneedz range. Not only were the fabrics made from natural fibres, but the cotton used is grown organically.

Choice of natural fabrics

Our great new natural reusable menstrual products come in a choice of two organic fabrics. The twill pads are made from the same fabric that our organic prefold nappies are made from. They have a natural, unbleached colour and are soft and absorbent. If you’re looking for even greater absorbency and softness, then our organic cotton sherpa pads are a great option. These pads are made from a soft sherpa fleece, which is what gives them their fantastic feel and performance.

Natural coloured reusable menstrual pads

As both types of pads are not dyed, then they are only available in natural cream or off white colour. Both sides of the pads are the same colour and made of the same fabric. This does mean that you can’t use this to see which way up the pads go. One side of the pad has stitching and it is this side that goes against the skin. The other side of the pad has a hidden layer of PUL fabric, which makes it waterproof and stops leaks from happening.

A natural choice

Find out more about our new pads, by checking out the product links below.

2 thoughts on “Natural reusable menstrual products”

  1. Love the creativity, this is ideal specially if you are into saving money. Besides, you will also save the environment by reducing the use of those regular napkins.
    Also seen the menstrual cups, girls are divided on the said product but what is important is they decide which they think are the safest for them.
    Good read!

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