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Nappyneedz Free Cloth Nappy Scheme

Free cloth nappy scheme from Nappyneedz

Our free cloth nappy scheme is a way that we can help families who are struggling to make the switch to reusable. The initial set-up costs of using cloth can make them difficult for some families. The savings that you can make by using cloth though, are huge. It’s well worth the investment if you can.

What is the scheme?

Back in 2020 when COVID first became a problem around the world, we got the chance to get hold of some cheaper cloth nappies. These were still nappies that worked well, but they were sold on to us by a business that was no longer trading. We started selling these nappies at a very reasonable price. The idea was to help parents who were struggling, to afford to buy cloth. These nappies proved so popular that we started stocking our own slightly improved version of them later in the year. Our Dinky Basics range was born.

At the same time that we launched the nappies, we also gave away two complete nappy packs and a ten pack to three families that needed a bit of extra help. We had so many people apply and it was really difficult to narrow it down to just three families. We made the decision to keep this scheme running. Over the course of the year, people donate money to it. Then we give away a number of packs, both ourselves and through the money that is raised. We’re just about ready to re-open the scheme again and give out some free cloth nappy packs.

Complete value cloth nappy pack

How can I apply for free cloth nappies?

Unfortunately, we can only give away a limited amount of packs each time. Although it would be great to be able to give everyone one or two nappies, logistically that’s just impossible at the moment. Instead, we give away complete packs. When the scheme next opens we will be asking people why they want the nappies. This isn’t a competition or something we choose randomly. We try to pick families that are most in need and will get the most from them. Our next scheme is due to open Wednesday 14th of September. Keep an eye out for it. We will also be launching some new prints in our basics range at the same time.

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