Nappy Laundry Service

Do you like the idea of using cloth nappies but aren’t so sure about the washing?  Don’t have the time for washing nappies yourself? Then maybe a nappy laundry service is just what you are looking for.

They wash the nappies

Although I can give you all the hints and tips in the world about washing cloth nappies and how to care for them, there are always going to be people who don’t want to wash nappies, or for what ever reason cannot wash cloth nappies.  You might think that this means that they can’t use cloth, but  that’s where a nappy laundry service comes in.

nappies on the washing line

In most cases these companies provide all the cloth nappies you need, and then come and collect them once or twice a week, leaving you with even more nice clean nappies.  What could be easier? The added advantage is that you don’t have to worry about what type of cloth nappies to use, as they deal with that side of things for you too.

Nappy Laundry Service

Nappyline is one such nappy laundry service, they cover Hamilton and the surrounding area.  They use Ecobots nappies so you know that you are getting a fantastic, reliable cloth nappy.  Delivering clean nappies once or twice a week,they also supply you with the ecobots nappy covers and disposable nappy liners that you need.

nappyline nappy laundry service


If you want to see if they cover your area, or find out more, then take a look at the website.

Eco Nappy Services

If you live in the Auckland area, then you might want to check out Eco Nappy Services. They cover the Auckland area and provide nappies and then will wash them for you.

Eco nappy services nappy laundry

Check out their website here.

So there you have it, if washing your own nappies isn’t for you, maybe think about using a nappy laundry service.

4 thoughts on “Nappy Laundry Service

  1. Wow that would make things a whole lot easier! I always wanted to use cloth nappies, but it became such a big job…a laundry service would definitely help with this! So looking into this idea next time 🙂

  2. That would have been a great service…my youngest is now toilet training, but I’ll let any expectant fellow eco warrior mum’s know that protecting the planet doesn’t have to equal more time with poop for you.

  3. Hi there,
    how much does it cost to get the nappies washed and delivered?

    1. I don’t offer this service, the businesses mentioned above do. If you contact them, they can help with prices.

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