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The nappy lady reviews our dinky nappy.

Recently we send one of our dinky nappies to the nappy lady here in New Zealand, so that she could do a review and post it on line.  If you’ve never seen us at a baby show or market before, or had one of our free demo’s, then you might want to watch the review and learn more about the nappy.

The Nappy Lady

The nappy lady works in New Zealand to help spread the word about cloth nappies, and to teach parents about the advantages of using them on their children.  She works very closely with local counsels throughout New Zealand, and going along to one of her evenings is a great way to get into cloth nappies and learn more about them.

Dinky nappy review

Want to know what the nappy lady thought about our cloth nappy? Then take a look:

Available at nappyneedz

The dinky nappy is available to buy here at Nappyneedz, for $25 each. Or you can purchase one of our value packs, which can make the cost per nappy as little as $18.  Check out our full range of colours and prices here.  If you want to actually see our nappies in person, and you live in the Dunedin area, then please get in touch to arrange one of our free, no obligation, nappy demonstrations.  If you do not live in the Dunedin area, then you should be able to see one of our dinky nappies at a nappy lady demonstration in the near future, as we will be working with her as one of her sponsors in the New Year.


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