Do your nappies have double gussets?

Double gussets is something that you might come across when looking into cloth nappies, but what exactly are they and why should you want them?

Double gussets are really important

What are double gussets?

A double gusset on a cloth nappy is basically two elasticated areas on each leg in the crotch area. In some nappies, this is built into the inner of the nappy itself and in others, such as our nappies, it is an extra elasticated piece. In both cases, the double gusset is designed to give two barriers which protect against leaks. It helps to keep everything where it should be, inside the nappy. A double elastic barrier in this area means that the nappy can have more stuffing or boosters. It will not cause the outer of the nappy to pull away from the leg. This is particularly important with newborn babies. Newborn poo can be very explosive and this helps to keep everything in the nappy.

Fewer leaks

With many cloth nappies, the most dangerous area is the leg when it comes to leaks. If your baby has very skinny thighs, then any gaps in this area are a danger zone when it comes to things escaping from the nappy. Even babies with chubby thighs will often benefit from a double gusset, as it can give a more comfortable fit in this area.

Our cloth nappies

Our nappy covers all have double gussets. If you are using a prefold system, such as Ecobots prefolds, then these covers are perfect. The double gussets on the covers help to hold the prefold in place, which means that you don’t need to use a snappi on them if you don’t want. A pad folded prefold will sit in the cover really well and be really effective. They will hold lots of extra inserts if you need them and still give a really good fit around the leg.

The same is true of our pocket nappies, the dinky nappy. These also feature a double gusset at the leg which helps to contain leaks and mess. Even if you add lots of inserts to the nappy, it still doesn’t pull the outer of the nappy away from your baby causing gaps around the leg. In the pocket nappy this deep gusset also gives a larger barrier between where the insert sits and the edge of the nappy. This means that they are far less likely to wick and are much more reliable than other pocket nappies.

If you haven’t tried our nappies yet, then our modern cloth nappy trial pack is a great place to start. It features two types of cloth nappies, both of which have double leg gussets.

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