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My reusable menstrual products journey

My reusable menstrual products journey

My reusable menstrual products journey is the story of how washable pads and cups started being stocked on Nappyneedz. For our tenth anniversary I’m sharing some of the behind the scenes stories from the last ten years.

Switching to a menstrual cup

I have to admit that when I was younger, I’d never even heard of a menstrual cup. I had tried to find something better for the environment and with fewer chemicals than the usual disposable options. For a while, I used unbleached organic cotton tampons and pads, but they were still disposable, which isn’t great. When you consider that women on average will go through around 9120 tampons in their life, that’s an awful lot of single-use products being thrown away. In my early twenties, I heard about menstrual cups and made the switch. They had all of the advantages of tampons, but I could reuse my cup each month. I was sold.

Washable menstrual pads

When it comes to washable menstrual pads, my journey was a little different. I hadn’t even realised that they existed. When I had my second son I leant that they were available. I quickly got some for light bladder leakage while pregnant and then used them for the postpartum bleed after he was born. I soon discovered that these were a much cheaper and more environmentally friendly option for my period too.

My reusable menstrual products journey, four pads and a mini wetbag.

Nappyneedz reusable menstrual products journey

When I first set up Nappyneedz, I made all of the items myself. Among the cloth nappies and accessories were some menstrual pads. I’ve changed the design and fabrics used once or twice since then, but this was the start of our menstrual products range. A couple of years later I added our popular menstrual cup. I wanted to offer something that was affordable and reliable. Menstrual products are very expensive over the length of time that women need to use them. Our reusable options can help you save money. See our full range here.

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