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Modern cloth nappies

You may have heard the term modern cloth nappies, or even MCN if you have started to look into cloth nappies, and wondered what exactly it all means.  MCN is simply the abbreviation for modern cloth nappies, but what are they?

What are modern cloth nappies?

In the past, a cloth nappy (or for that matter a nappy) was a piece of cloth, usually square that was folded and secured with pins and then covered with pull on plastic pants or a knitted pilcher (also known as a soaker). These days, cloth nappies have evolved somewhat, and this is where the modern cloth nappy comes in.  Usually shaped in some way to fit onto your baby in a similar way to a disposable nappy, MCN are the new generation of reusable nappies.  Made from a wide variety of fabrics, and with different patterns shapes and designs on the outside, modern cloth nappies are a world away from old fashioned cloth nappies.

An example of a modern cloth nappy

Types of modern cloth nappy

There are many types of modern cloth nappies on the market.  These break down into three or four basic types:

  • Prefold nappies; these are most similar to old fashioned nappies, as they are usually a cotton pad, but have a cover which is shaped like a disposable nappy over the top.
  • Fitted nappy; these are usually made of absorbent fabric, in the shape of a disposable and require a separate cover
  • All in one nappy; These have a waterproof outer with an attached absorbent piece.
  • All in two nappy; Also known as a snap in two nappy, these have a waterproof outer with an absorbent pad that snaps in place.
  • Pocket nappy; These are made of a waterproof outer, with a pocket to place the absorbent pad in.

Dinky nappies an example of pocket modern cloth nappies

Where can I buy modern cloth nappies?

There are many places these days that sell MCN, both on line and in physical shops.  Although it is always helpful to be able to see the modern cloth nappies you are buying before purchase, the range in shops is often limited and the sales people do not know much about them.  Specialist online shops, such as Nappyneedz are a great choice as they offer advice and information to help you make your decision, and follow on advice after purchase.

Please browse our website for more information on buying and using modern cloth nappies, and if you have any questions, please let us know.

2 thoughts on “Modern cloth nappies”

  1. Again, just wish I’d had this info when my 2 were born…should really be in new mum packs, so they have all the facts to be able to make ethical decisions.

  2. Wow nappies have come such a long way in such a small time! I’ll totally be doing things differently next time around! Thanks for all this amazing info!

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