How many cloth nappies do I need?

Working out how many cloth nappies you are going to need, can seem a little bit complicated. Especially if your baby hasn’t arrived yet. How are you supposed to know how often they will need changing? Here is a brief guide to working out how many you will need.

Full-time use

Full-time cloth nappy use obviously means that you are going to be needing to have quite a supply of nappies. Usually, we recommend that you start out with around twenty nappies. This should be enough to use both day and night, with washing happening every other day. Newborn babies need changing more often than older children, so you may find that you need a few more nappies, to begin with. Pre-folds can be a good choice in the early days, as you do not need to change the whole nappy each time, just the insert. You can have more inserts, just to help get through those early days. An extra six inserts would make sure that you had enough on hand when you are changing often in the early days.

How many cloth nappies do I need?

Daytime use

When using cloth nappies just in the daytime, you need to have fewer than for full-time use. A selection of around fifteen nappies should be enough to get you through during the day. If you are washing every day, then you may even manage with just ten nappies. If drying is likely to be a problem, having a few extra nappies, or even just inserts would help.

Part-time use

Using cloth while at home and during the day is an option that some parents prefer to go for. You will need around then nappies in order to do this. Again, if you don’t mind washing more often, you may be able to manage with just five or six nappies. This can be a good way to start out using cloth nappies if you are not confident using them. Once you are happy with using them, you can start using cloth more regularly if you like.

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