Making the switch to reusable menstrual products

Switch to reusable menstrual products saving money and helping the environment. Here are our top tips for making the change.

Switch to reusable menstrual products

Tips to get you started

  • Don’t worry about having a full collection of pads, to begin with, buy one or two to find out which you like.
  • Not sure if a menstrual cup is for you? Try one of our great value cups so that you’d don’t break the bank.
  • Four or five pads is enough to get started with cloth, you can give them a go for a few days and then buy more as you need them.
  • Want to try a cup and pads? Our starter packs have just what you need to begin with.
  • You can sterilise your cup by boiling it in a pad or pouring boiling water over it in an old jar or container.
  • Our microwave cups are a simple way to sterilise your cup.
  • When you are out and about, mini wet bags are an ideal way to store your used pads until you get home.

Switch to reusable menstrual products

If you are looking for a way to make the change to washable products without breaking the bank. Then our new starter packs are a great option. The basics pack has four of our standard reusable menstrual pads and a menstrual cup. There is also the bamboo pack with five regular bamboo pads and a menstrual cup. For younger women, we have the teen pack. This pack has five smaller size bamboo pads and our size zero menstrual cup.

bamboo reusable menstrual pack

Your green period

Cloth pads are a great choice for your period. More and more people are swapping to menstrual cups and cloth pads. You can save lots of money by changing to reusable products. We have a great range for all budgets, you can find them all here.

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