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Love of cloth nappies

Finding the love of cloth nappies

If you look at just about any cloth nappy business out there, you’ll probably find that they will tell you they started their business because they wanted to help people with their cloth nappy choices, they wanted to help parents to find their way through the maze that is cloth nappies and help them to choose the right reusable products for them and their children. Nappyneedz is no different really, I set it up because I wanted to do all of that, but also because of my love of cloth nappies.

Finding the cloth nappy love

If you’d have told me before I had children, that I would develop a love of cloth nappies, I would have probably looked at you and laughed, then asked what you were drinking and if I could have some. The idea that anyone could love a cloth nappy just seemed totally insane, and yet I found that not only did I come to love cloth nappies, I also discovered that I wasn’t the only one. This wasn’t some strange post pregnancy, hormonal thing, or at least if it was, I wasn’t the only one afflicted with it.

Finding the love of cloth nappies

I’m still not sure what exactly it is about cloth nappies that makes them so appealing. Yes they’re cute, yes there are lots of great prints and patterns and pretty nappies that you just want to try and buy, and yes they save you money and are better for your baby and the environment. None of those things though, even when taken together, seem to be enough to inspire the love for cloth that many people seem to feel. There was no doubt about it though, once I started using reusable nappies on my babies, I was hooked and wanted to share my love of them with others, to help them find the right nappies for their little ones.

Sharing the love of cloth nappies

Before I started Nappyneedz, I’d worked as a cloth nappy advisor in the UK, which was great, I could help people to find the right nappies and advise them on how to use them. I wanted to keep doing something similar when I arrived in New Zealand and after a while it was obvious that Nappyneedz was the ideal choice for that.

There was a little more to it than that though. I also love making new nappies, creating new ideas, making the perfect reusable nappy. I have four children, I suppose that I could continue to have more and more children so that I can try out my ideas and make nappies for them. That isn’t really practical though and I’m fairly sure that my husband would never agree. Running Nappyneedz gives me the chance to create nappies and help parents with their nappy choices, and that is how the business came to be.

If you’re looking for some cloth nappy advice and would like to take advantage of my love of cloth nappies so that I can help you find the right ones for your little one, then check out our personalised advice form here.

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