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Local cloth nappy adviser

cloth nappy adviser Jessica Hawke and her baby son

A cloth nappy adviser could just be what you’re looking for. If you want to see the range of cloth nappies we stock. It’s also a great way to hear from a parent who has experience of using reusables on their baby.

North Canterbury and Christchurch

Cloth nappy advisor Jessica Hawke with her son.

Our latest cloth nappy adviser is Jessica Hawke. She will be covering the North Canterbury and Christchurch area. If you are interested in using Nappyneedz nappies, our menstrual products, or any of our other items, then she might be worth getting in touch with. Jessica has been using our nappies on her nine-month son. She will now be sharing her experience and the expertise that she has gained with local parents. Often there’s no better way to find out about the best nappies for your baby, than actually getting to touch and feel them. To see in person what they are like. To get in touch with Jessica you can email her here. Alternatively, drop us an email and we’ll pass on your details to her.

Local Cloth nappy advisers

If you live in the Dunedin area, then we also have someone who can come out and see you and show you our products. We are looking for more people in other areas. If you think that you would like to work as the go-to person for your town, when it comes to cloth nappies, then get in touch. It’s a great chance to find the reusables that will fit your budget.

Online advice

If you’d prefer to get some help and information via email, then our advice form is always worth checking out. I’m always happy to answer any question that you might have. You can always email or ask questions via our Facebook page. No matter what the question, we will do our best to help.

2 thoughts on “Local cloth nappy adviser”

  1. Hi

    Im looking of updating my reusable nappies for my 2 year old.
    Im totally lost on what to purchase for him, The ones we use were from the baby factory with an outer water proof and folded inserts which just sits on top.They no longer sells these as we used them on our 1st born so very well used and falling apart.How does the trial pack work?Would like something with velcro.
    I look forward to hear from you.


    1. Hi Lisa. Our ecobots are the most similar to what you’ve mentioned and can be used by placing the insert on top of the cover. The inserts are cotton and are very absorbent and hard-wearing. We do a trial pack that just has these and one that contains a pocket nappy too if you’d like to try different types of nappies.

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