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We offer layby on our cloth nappies.  A nice easy way to spread out the payments and therefore the cost of your cloth nappies.  With layby, you can choose the length of time you wish to pay off your cloth nappies over.

Layby option

When you are ready to order your nappies, either put through the order and select the bank payment option or email me details of what you want to buy.  If you put the order through the website, please mention in the comments box that you would like to pay by layby, and how long you would like to pay it off over.  You can then pay off the amount via deposits to our bank account.  We will send you a regular statement, letting you know where you are up to with your payments.

If you would prefer to pay by credit card then please let me know and we can arrange to send you a credit card invoice on a weekly basis.


Once you have paid off all the money owing on your layby account, then your items will be shipped out to you on the next working day.  If you live in the Dunedin area, then we will bring your layby items around to you in the next couple of working days.

Laybuy payment

In addition to this more traditional layby arrangement, we also have the option of paying by Laybuy at the checkout. This means that you receive your goods straight away, but the Laybuy company takes a regular payment from your card.

Gift list layby

You can also order your ecobots nappies in the form of a gift list, comment gift list on your order and we will give you a special code.  You can then get friends and family who wish to buy you a gift to pay towards the nappies either by bank deposit or credit card using the code that we pass on to you.

We can also provide gift vouchers so that you can buy these as a gift for someone to use towards either their layby or to purchase any nappy items from us.  Should you wish to purchase gift vouchers, then please contact us to arrange.  These can make the perfect gift for someone who wants to use cloth nappies but is worried about the initial set up costs.

4 thoughts on “Layby”

  1. hi there

    i was just wondering if there was a time frame that laybys had to be paid off in like 12 weeks type of thing? am wanting to do a layby as new to cloth all exciting but alot of money upfront

    kelsey webster

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