June 2017 Cloth Nappy Hunt

It’s time for the June 2017 Cloth Nappy Hunt. If you haven’t taken part in a cloth nappy hunt before, then you might be wondering what I’m talking about.

Hunt the nappy

Twice a year, Nappyneedz, along side number of other great New Zealand businesses take part in an online cloth nappy hunt. Each of the businesses hides a special nappy icon on their website, find it, and you could win some really great prizes. Fortunately you don’t just have to blindly look around each website, there will be clues to help you find out where to look. This time, Nappyneedz is an extreme hunt. That means that the icon is even more hidden than usual and you’ll have to try extra hard to find it. It’s worth it though, as our prize this year is even bigger.

Great Prizes

This year we are offering a fantastic prize of a modern cloth nappy trial pack and a cloth nappy sprayer. The prize is worth over $100.

June 2017 cloth nappy hunt

We’ve also got a spot prize this time, which is one of our great menstrual cups. You can choose from pink, purple or white and either in small or large.

Spot prize for the cloth nappy hunt

June 2017 Cloth Nappy Hunt

Want to take part in the hunt and have a chance to win one of the great prizes? Check out our first clue by clicking here. Best of luck!