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How to fold your menstrual cup

How to fold your menstrual cup

How you fold your menstrual cup can have a big impact on how well your cup works for you. Using different methods can make it easier or harder for the cup to open. Like many things, the best way varies from person to person. Here we have a run down of some of our favourite cup methods.

Basic cup folds

These basic folds are fairly easy to copy. The general idea is to bend the cup so that it is easy to insert. It should then open easily inside you. Many of these depend on how firm your cup is and how strong your muscles are.

All of these different types are easy to do with a little practice. Try bending and twisting your cup before you try to insert. This will give you chance to try out the different ways before hand. Personally I prefer the punch down, as the cup pops open easily.

Other tips and tricks

When it comes to using a cup, there are a few other things that can help. It’s not just all about how you fold your menstrual cup. Sometimes, the fit just doesn’t seem quite right. For some people, it’s a case of trimming off the stem. Although the stem can help you locate the cup, it’s not always needed. I find it uncomfortable and always cut mine off. Another trick is to turn the cup inside out. For some reason, this does seem to give a better fit for some people and can stop leak issues.

Turn your menstrual cup inside out, changing the way it folds.

Give a menstrual cup a go

If you haven’t tried one before, then our menstrual cups are a great choice. Priced to make them affordable, they are still great quality and a great choice.

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