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How our cloth nappies work

How our cloth nappies work

Wondering how our cloth nappies work? Then look no further. While our Dinky Pocket Nappy might at first glance look just like many other nappies on the market. There’s actually much more to it.

The dinky pocket nappy

Back snaps for tiny newborn babies.

Like many other nappies, the dinky nappy has a range of sizing snaps on the front. It also features four snaps on the back. These are designed to make the nappy fit even tiny newborn babies.

Wide pocket on the back of a dinky nappy

The deep pocket at the back of the nappy makes stuffing easier. It also means that you can shake out the insert when it’s dirty. There’s no need to reach in and pull it out.

Deep leg gussets to contain everything.

The deep leg gussets are great for keeping everything in. Less chance of leaks or poo explosions. They also give a really great fit on most babies. The extra fabric also allows for more stuffing. Ideal for those nighttime boosters.

How dinky cloth nappies work

  • Snap the front snaps (rise snaps) down to the size you need.
  • If using the nappy on a newborn, then snap the back snaps closed.
  • This will make the nappy narrower.
  • As your baby gets bigger, you should stop doing this before moving to the next rise snap size.
  • This gives a tiny nappy perfect for a newborn.
The dinky pocket nappy

There you have it, a guide to our dinky pocket nappy. The cloth nappy with a little extra.

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