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More prefold folds

More prefold folds that you can try with your ecobots cloth nappies. Once you’ve mastered the basic pad fold and using a snappi you might find that you need to try a different fold. Here are some of our favourites.

Poo fold

This is a simple fold that you can do without a snappi. Once you have folded your nappy into three, then simply fan out the back and place it in the cover. You can then fasten it around your baby using the cover. This is a great way to ensure that everything is directed into the nappy, it will help to stop the cover from being soiled.

The poo fold for prefold nappies
The Poo Fold

Angel Prefold Fold

The Angel fold is a variation on the standard snappi fold. The fabric at the front of the nappy gives better protection around the legs. This helps to keep everything in the nappy. There are two ways to do this, folding lengthwise will give more length to the nappy. If you fold it width-wise, then this with give more fabric to fit around the waist of your little one.

Angel fold lengthwise, more prefold folds
Angel Fold Lengthwise

When folding the nappy width-wise, make sure that you tuck in excess fabric at the legs. This gives even more protection against poo explosions.

Angel Fold Width-wise

Newspaper fold

The newspaper fold is a great choice when you are using a larger size prefold and have extra fabric. It’s also good for boys, as it adds some extra absorbency at the front of the nappy where it is usually needed.

Newspaper prefold nappy fold, ideal for larger nappies
Newspaper fold

Bikini Twist Fold

This is a great fold when your little one has grown and you are finding it hard to get the standard snappi fold to fit. It gives extra fabric at the sides of the nappy, but is still trim and absorbent between the legs. You can do this fold without a snappi, using the cover to hold it in place.

Bikini twist nappy fold
Bikini Twist

I’d love to hear your favourite folds. If you have any more prefold folds to share with us, please let me know by getting in touch. You can comment on this post or send us an email.

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