Hanging out the nappies on the washing line

It’s an absolutely beautiful day here today, warm and sunny with a bit of breeze, the perfect weather for drying your washing on the line.  Now I’m perhaps a bit sad, but I quite like hanging my washing on the line, and when the washing in question is rectangles of cotton prefold nappies, then it’s even better.  If, unlike me, you’re not a fan of seeing them hanging there in the sunshine, dancing around in the breeze, then there are lots of other great reasons for drying your nappies on the washing line.

nappies on the washing line


  • It’s free; unlike running your tumble driyr to get your nappies dry, hanging them on the washing line, saves you money.
  • It’s better for the environment; when you hang nappies on the washing line, the only energy you’re using is your own, less electricity used is far better for the environment.
  • It’s better for your nappies; drying by wind and sun is less damaging to your nappies, helping them last longer.
  • Sun is a natural whitener; are your nappies looking a little less than dazzling white?  Probably all you need is a bit of sunshine, it’s a perfect way to get new born yellow stains out of your nappies too.
  • It freshens them up; sun naturally kills off any lingering bacteria and helps to sanitise them.  The breeze also helps to freshen them up in a way that your tumble drier could only dream of.

So there you have it, a few suggestions as to why using the natural elements to dry your nappies is a good idea.  It doesn’t hurt if you need to use the tumble dryer, or dry them over a clothes horse some of the time, but the more often you can hang your nappies on the washing line, the better.

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