Great value cloth nappies

Nobody wants to spend a small fortune on cloth nappies, but neither do you want to buy something cheap that just doesn’t work. What you really need is great value cloth nappies, ones that are a great price, but also still work really well. But what should you be looking for to fit both of these criteria?

Cheap nappies?

There are lots of cheap nappies on the market, but are they great value cloth nappies? Are they actually going to work well and do the job for you? One of the questions that you might ask, is why are they so cheap? Many of these low cost cloth nappies are one size fits most pocket nappies with a range of snaps on the front. Often also known as China cheapies, they come in a range of patterns and prints, but are all very similar in style. Some people love this type of cloth nappy and get on really well with them, but there are some reasons why they might not be the nappy for you. First of all, they are not always made with very good quality fabrics, so they might not last as well as others. They usually only have microfibre inserts. Microfibre can make a great cloth nappy insert, but when it is used on it’s own, rather than with other fabrics, it tends to act like a bit of a sponge, and many parents find that while they work well to begin with, they soon get lots of leaks a little further down the line. The last thing anyone wants is a wet lap when they sit holding their baby and the nappy leaks, believe me, I’ve been there. You can learn more about compression leaks and microfibre here.

Great value cloth nappies?

What makes great value cloth nappies? Something that works well and doesn’t cost a fortune, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the cheapest option on the market. Something that does the job at a reasonable price is usually better value than something really cheap that doesn’t. While I would suggest that all of our nappies offer good value for money, are not too expensive and are really reliable, if you are on a budget, then we have one option that you might want to consider. Our basic one size fits most prefolds are great value cloth nappies.

OSFM prefold pack

Simple and easy

Our basic one size fits most prefold cloth nappies are great value for money, because unlike many other nappies on the market, you don’t need to have hundreds of outer layers or covers. With these nappies, you simply change the cotton prefold nappy each time and reuse the cover until the end of the day or it needs changing. The prefold inserts are cotton, which are quick drying, easy to use, very absorbent and don’t tend to leak when you squeeze them, unlike microfibre inserts. The cotton prefolds are great value, reliable and fairly inexpensive.

Great value cloth nappies

Value packs

Our basic one size fits most prefolds can either been bought as a trial pack, which consists of a cover and two cotton inserts for just $14, or a pack of nappies. These packs contain 12 smaller cotton prefold nappies (for when the cover is on the smaller setting) 12 larger prefold nappies (for when it’s on the larger setting, or use both together for night time use) and four covers. This will be enough for day time use from around three or four months old to toilet training, at $90 that’s great value cloth nappies.

If you want to try our OSFM basic prefold cloth nappies, then check out our trial packs here, or our full packs here.

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