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Getting the best fit with your cloth nappies

Getting the best fit with cloth nappies

Getting the best fit with your cloth nappies is essential if you want to avoid leaks and make sure that your baby is as comfortable as possible in their nappies. Here are our top tips for getting a well-fitting cloth nappy.

How Should a Nappy Fit?

It might seem like an obvious question, but how should a cloth nappy actually fit? While you want the nappy to be nice snug, you also don’t want the nappy to be too tight. It shouldn’t swamp your baby or come up too high. Where possible you want to avoid gaps, particularly around the legs. Using a sized nappy with help, as you can move up to the next size as they grow out of it. The legs should fit around the knicker line. It’s not always obvious with a nappy that grows with your baby how to snap it to fit. Here is our guide to using Dinky Nappies.

Using a Dinky Pocket Nappy

  • Our dinky nappies feature both rise and back snaps. The back snaps are for the very early days, to make the nappy small enough. The rise snaps are to reduce the length of the nappy.
  • If you find that the nappy is too small with the back snaps done up, then undo these and try the fit before undoing the rise snaps.
  • The nappy should sit below the belly button. It shouldn’t come up higher than this. If it does, then try snapping the rise snaps lower.
  • Fasten the hip snaps first, around the leg. Then pull the front of the nappy up to get it to sit in the underwear line.
  • you can now do up the waist snaps. You should be able to get to fingers into the top of the nappy easily, but no more than this.
  • The nappy shouldn’t be so tight as to give your baby a muffin top.
  • Make sure that the white inner is not sticking out. This can happen at the back of the nappy.
  • Make sure clothing over the top isn’t too tight, this might mean that you might have to go for a bigger size of some items such as bodysuits.
  • Push any excess fabric up towards the top of the nappy when the rise snaps are done up. (See photo below.)

How to use a one size fits most pocket nappy
Push the fabric towards the top of the nappy

A great fit

Following all of our tips should help you get the best out of your cloth nappies. If you need more help with fit or what inserts to use, then please get in touch. We always love to see photos of babies wearing our nappies, so please tag us on Instagram or post them to our Facebook page.

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