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Getting ready for your first period

Getting ready for your first period. A selection of reusable menstrual products

When your first period arrives, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the different options there are. Choosing reusable products doesn’t need to be difficult. We have a great selection to help you create a reusable period pack.

Reusable options for your first period

Often, when you first start menstruating, pads are the easiest thing to use. Inserting a cup or tampon can take a little bit of practice. It’s often best to get used to your period first, before adding anything more difficult or complicated. Pads are easy to use and take care of. They are also easy to keep in your bag until they are needed. Should your period arrive unexpectedly, you can simply add one to your current underwear. There’s no need to change or carry bulky period underwear with you just in case.

For the first few years of your period, it’s unlikely that you will need a large pad. Smaller pads also seem to fit much better at this stage. For this reason, we have a number of smaller reusable options that are perfect at this stage. Our petite pads are specifically designed for teenagers, but they also work well for older women who want to use a smaller pad. They are just as absorbent as our regular pads but slightly smaller in length. We also have similar-sized pads available in our organic cotton range here and here.

Out and about

When away from home a mini wet bag is ideal for storing your pads in. These come in a variety of fun prints and shades. They can be used for dirty pads to transport home or for clean pads to keep them ready for use. The pads themselves fold up easily, which also makes them really easy to transport.

First period reusable sanitary pack, pads and wet bag.

Menstrual cups

Although you might not be keen to use a menstrual cup from your first few periods, they are handy items to have. If you do sports, swim, or just don’t like the feel of a pad, then a cup is a great choice. We offer three sizes of cups. Our largest size is ideal for women who are over thirty or who have been pregnant. The smaller is for women who have not yet been pregnant and are under thirty. We also have our teen cup, which is a smaller cup, ideal for younger women. It has a narrower diameter across the top of the cup. It is also shorter in length, making it easier to insert and wear.

First period reusable pack

I recently put together a period pack for my oldest daughter, with a selection of products that she might like to try when her periods start. I started with our teen pack, which has a teen cup and five petite menstrual pads. Then I added a couple of mini wet bags and some of our smaller sized pads. Now she has everything that she might need when her periods start. Have you got a pack together for your daughter?

  • organic cotton menstrual pad
    Organic cotton menstrual pad – Sherpa
    NZD $6.00NZD $8.00
  • Organic reusable menstrual pad
    Organic reusable menstrual pad-Twill
    NZD $5.00NZD $7.00
  • Starter reusable menstrual pack
    Teen starter reusable menstrual pack
    NZD $24.00
  • Petite bamboo and minky menstrual pads
    Petite bamboo and minky menstrual pads
    NZD $3.80
  • mini wet bags
    Mini wet bag
    NZD $6.50
  • washable panty liner
    Washable sanitary pad – liner
    NZD $2.50

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