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Free Cloth Nappy Scheme Reopens

Free Cloth Nappy Scheme from Nappyneedz

The Free Cloth Nappy Scheme from Nappyneedz is now open again. For the next month, parents and families that need help to build up their cloth nappy stash can apply to receive a free cloth nappy pack.

How the scheme works

  • Open to residents of New Zealand.
  • We are giving away two complete cloth nappy packs with microfibre inserts.
  • These are designed for parents who are struggling finanically and would benefit from using cloth nappies, so make sure you let us know WHY you are interested.
  • Applications are available for one month until 19th November 2021.
  • We will judge applications based on need and choose packs for those who we decide could do with them.
  • This is a great way to set up with cloth nappies and to save money.

Help out the free cloth nappy scheme

We fund the cloth nappy scheme by supplying some of the nappies ourselves. We also allow members of the public to help out too. Over the last year, since the last time the scheme was open, we have been taking donations. There is still time to donate to the packs. If we get enough donations, then we will give away more free packs. You can donate on this link here. You don’t need to have purchased anything else from Nappyneedz and you will not be charged postage.

Free Cloth Nappy Scheme from Nappyneedz

What we’re giving away

Our free cloth nappy scheme gives away our super value complete nappy pack. This pack contains 20 of our dinky basics pocket nappies, 20 microfibre inserts and a wet bag. All you need to get started. These packs are great value. Even if you are not chosen, then they are an affordable way to make the switch to cloth.

Apply for the Free Cloth Nappy packs, by clicking here.

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