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Free Cloth Nappy Scheme Now Open

Cloth nappy scheme now open; cat nappy

Our cloth nappy scheme, which helps families in need get cloth nappies is open again. For the next two weeks, people can apply for the scheme. Read on to learn more.

Free Cloth Nappies

As we explained in our blog post last week, we run a scheme that gives complete packs of our cloth nappies to families who need extra help. Over the rest of the year, we take donations towards this scheme. When we have raised enough money we give away a number of packs. Some of the packs are paid for by our very generous customers. We also donate some of them ourselves. The idea started in 2020 when we started to stock our great value dinky basics range of nappies. They are designed to help out that little bit more, by being really affordable. We wanted to go the extra step and offer a full pack to some families who couldn’t afford them otherwise.

A cloth nappy scheme, not a prize draw

While lots of cloth nappy companies might give away some of their products, this is a little different. While most giveaways are randomly drawn with a prize for the winner, this is different. We don’t draw this randomly but try (as much as we can) to choose people who really need a bit of extra help. For many families at the moment, things have got even harder. This is our attempt to help a little. If you want to apply, then please fill out the form by clicking below.

Helping more parents

Although our scheme tries to help out a bit, there are always far more people who need help than we have packs available. If you want to help us to give away even more, then please help by donating here. If you are in need of a bit of extra help yourself but don’t get selected for a pack, then our value range still might be within your budget. You can find out more below:

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