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Free Cloth Nappy Packs

Free Cloth Nappy Packs

Free cloth nappy packs are a chance for families who are struggling to get hold of a full pack of cloth nappies. Reusable nappies are a great way to save money.

Free Cloth Nappy Packs

Saving money with cloth

Cloth nappies are a great way to save money. Families can save thousands of dollars on one child alone by making the switch. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to set up a full set. We have decided to add a super value pack to our range. To help families out, even more, we are offering a number of free packs to families that apply.

Applying for our free cloth nappy packs

To apply for one of these packs of twenty nappies and accessories, you can fill in the form here. Tell us why you are applying before the 30th of June and you will be considered to receive one of the packs. You can also apply on behalf of someone else, but please make sure that they would be happy to use cloth before you do. We will make a decision in the week following the 30th of June. Our decision will be final.

Packs available

There are initially two packs available. We are also offering the chance for people to donate to the scheme. Donations will be used to purchase further packs. If the full amount for a pack isn’t reached we will either donate a smaller pack or make up the difference ourselves. If you would like to make a donation, then please do so here.

Cloth nappies for all

Cloth nappies are a great choice for many families. They don’t mean lots of extra work and save money and help the environment. Here at Nappyneedz we have a range of different cloth nappies, suitable for every family. You can check out our full range here.

You can find out more about the super value cloth nappy pack here.

To apply for a free pack, click here.

6 thoughts on “Free Cloth Nappy Packs”

  1. I teally want to use reusable nappies but cant afford to buy them
    I feel when i buy disposible nappies i am just throwing money in the bin and killing the planet. I think this nappy will still be here when my baby is my age and i dont want that. I want to look after the planet for my children and their children. Please i would love free reusable nappies

  2. I am applying as all disposables reacted with my sons skin. But as they are cheaper they are easier for me. I would love to be considered

  3. I would love to be considered. I am expecting our 5th child early september and this will be the first time using cloth nappies. Not only have I heard great things about cloth nappies but I’d also like to do my part for the environment.

  4. I would love to be considered. I am pregnant with number 3 (unexpected) and have always wanted to try cloth nappies but they are very expensive but are the better option in the long run and great for the environment 🙂

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