Favourite comfort food

Mmmm, comfort food, what food always makes you feel warm and nice inside? For me, comfort food has to be warm, filling and generally quite stodgy, but maybe that’s just because that’s the kind of thing I grew up with.  There are lots of foods that I really like, but only a few of them would qualify as comfort food for me.

Cheese and potato pie

To be totally honest, cheese and potato pie isn’t really a pie as such at all.  It’s made by mixing mashed potato with cheese and then putting it into an oven dish with more grated cheese on top, and then baking.  My Grandma always made a cheese sauce to go with it, but that was always a bit of overkill for me.  I preferred Mum and Nana’s version that was always served with bacon, sausages from the local baker ‘Birds’ and most important of all Branston pickle.  I feel hungry just thinking about it, total comfort food.

Mince and spaghetti on toast

The last comfort food I mentioned is something from I used to eat when I was a child, this comfort food is one that I’ve discovered more recently; mince and spaghetti on toast.  Good comfort food should be simple to make, and this one certainly is.  You fry mince (with onion if you want) then add a good tea spoon of ground ginger, and a tin of spaghetti, I prefer the budget variety here in New Zealand, as Watties is a bit too sweet for me.  Then serve on toast with grated cheese, yum.

So there you have it, two of my favourite comfort foods, guaranteed pick me ups.  What are your favourite comfort foods.

One Response to “Favourite comfort food”

  1. Hayleigh March 30, 2014 at 6:19 pm #

    Great post! I decided caramello chocolate or milo is my comfort food. Or cheese with marmite on it, that is so yummy. I have featured this post over at Pea Soup – A New Zealand Blogging Community.

    Hayleigh x