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Ecobots the movie

All about ecobots nappies

All about Ecobots nappies is a small film that was made back in 2008. I’ve had it sitting around on DVD’s for years now, since I purchased the business in 2013. Although the video is quite old now, there’s still lots of great information that anyone thinking about using cloth nappies might find interesting. I thought that it might be time to upload onto here so that people can enjoy it.

Why choose cloth nappies?

Once you’ve learnt why cloth nappies are so great, you might wonder what other advantages there are to making the change. Ecobots aren’t just great value for money, but they are also good for the environment.

Ecobots and the environment

For many parents, one of the things that put them off using cloth nappies is how easy (or not) they are to use. Fortunately, Ecobots are very simple. The next video shows how to change and use the system.

How to use Ecobots cloth nappies

What do parents who have actually used the nappies think of them? We have lots of reviews on our website. The video finishes by interviewing parents about their experience using Ecobots and what they think of them.

What parents who have used Ecobots think

There you have it. Ecobots the movie from 2008. Although this video was made 12 years ago now, there’s not a great deal that has changed. If you are thinking about using cloth, then using Ecobots is a great choice.

All about Ecobots Nappies

Now you’ve watched the film, you might be keen to find out more? Our website has heaps of information about using cloth nappies and Ecobots in particular. You can always fill in our advice form here or look at our trial pack to get started. If you have any questions, please get in touch via our contact form, or our facebook page.

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