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What are double gussets on cloth nappies?

Many nappies claim to have double gussets, or say that a nappy with double gussets will help to contain everything better.  But what exactly are double gussets? What are the different types of double gusset? How will having double gussets help your cloth nappies?

Double gussets

Generally when cloth nappies or covers say that they have ‘double gussets’ what they actually mean is that they have a double layer of elastic at the leg of the nappy. This can take a number of different forms, and is sometimes also called a different name.  You will also come across cloth nappies that claim to have ‘leak guards’ or have a single gusset. These are generally elastics on the legs that have been cased, while other cloth nappies leave the elastics uncased.

Uncased elastic on cloth nappy  Cased leg elastic on cloth nappy

Internal gussets

One type of double gusset nappy is sometimes also described as internal gussets.  These are an extra layer of elastic within the lining of the nappy.  This layer of elastic does not provide a waterproof barrier, as it is generally in the stay dry layer of the nappy, but does help solids from escaping out of the leg opening.  When the nappy is on your baby, both the leg elastic and the internal gusset elastic will grip the leg.

Internal gussets on cloth nappies  Internal nappy gussets

Double gusset covers

Nappy covers with double gussets are particularly useful, especially on tiny babies.  Newborn babies often have very skinny thighs, and having this extra layer of protection just where you need it, can help stop leaks and extra clothing changes.  Covers, such as our Ecobots covers have a deep extra layer of fabric at the legs.  Both the leg opening and this extra layer are usually elasticated.  Prefold or flat cloth nappies can sit in the cover between the gussets. This means that the nappy isn’t pulling the cover away from the leg area.

 Double gusset nappy cover

Deep leg gussets

We often describe our dinky pocket nappies as having deep leg gussets, but these are also a type of double gusset.  As you can see from the photo, the nappy has an extra piece at the leg which is elasticated, much like a double gusset nappy cover.  This means that you can add extra stuffing to the nappy, without it pulling the leg hole away from your babies leg.  It also helps to contain leaks and violent newborn poo, as it seals around tiny legs much better than many other one size cloth nappies.  The wide area between the edge of the pocket, where the insert sits and the outside of the nappy means that there are less likely to be leaks in this area also.

Double gusset or deep leg gusset  Leg detail on Dinky cloth nappies

Although having a double gusset on your nappy isn’t essential, it does help to contain everything. It adds an extra layer of protection at a vulnerable area.

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