Do cloth nappies leak?

Cloth nappies leak! I’ve heard people say that so many times that I’ve lost count, but in all honesty, it simply isn’t true. There are lots of reasons that cloth is more reliable than disposable nappies. There are also things that you can do if you do get leaks in your reusable nappies. Read on to find out more.

Do cloth nappies leak? Young boy playing with blue pot and water dripping out of it

Why cloth is so reliable

  • Cloth nappies often have more than one line of defence. Double gussets, firm elastic at the legs and waist and sometimes separate covers help keep everything in.
  • The elastics in cloth nappies are firmer than the disposable options, making it a harder barrier to get through.
  • Cloth nappies can be adjusted time and time again to get the best fit.
  • It’s easy to add more absorbency to cloth nappies.
  • There are different options for the absorbent layer when it comes to cloth nappies.
  • You can tailor cloth nappies to the time of day, more absorbent for night times, trimmer for day times.
  • The more you use cloth, the better it becomes.
  • There are lots of different options out there, you’re far more likely to find one that’s exactly the right shape and style for your baby.

But my cloth nappies leak!

If you do have cloth nappies that leak, then you might not agree with all that I’ve said above. It’s usually quite straightforward to make changes to stop leaks. There are a number of things that might case cloth nappies to be slightly less reliable.

  • First of all, have a look at the outer layer of the nappy. Check that there are no faults in the fabric that might mean that liquid can get through.
  • Make sure that when you are using the nappies, there’s no part of the inner absorbent part that sticks out.
  • A nappy with double gussets mean that leaks are less likely, our dinky nappy is good for this.
  • Separate covers also often have double gussets, both our sized ones and one size ones do.
  • Add extra absorbency. Often it’s just a case of adding a little bit extra to the nappy to make it last longer.
  • Natural fibres tend to work better, especially as your baby gets older. Think about using bamboo or cotton rather than microfibre.
  • Check that you don’t have build up on the liners or inner layer. Rash creams and ointments can coat fibres and stop liquid from getting through.

Heavy wetters

Even the heaviest of wetting baby will find that there’s a cloth combination that works better for them than disposable nappies. I found with my children, especially as they got older, that the only time we got leaks was when we used a disposable nappy. We have a great range of inserts that add extra boosting to you cloth nappies and help stop leaks. Check them out here.

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