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Different Ways to Fold Flat Nappies

How to fold flat nappies for your baby

Want to fold flat nappies but not sure where to start? The idea of using a flat piece of cloth and turning it into a fitted nappy can seem quite intimidating. There are hundreds of ways to use this type of cloth nappy and once you start, you’ll find more and more. Here’s a guide to some of our favourite ways, to get you started.

Getting started

All of our flat nappies are quite large. So whatever fold you do, you’ll want to fold them smaller before you start. You can do this quite simply by folding the corners into the centre to make a smaller square shape. The great thing about this is that you can make the size fit the size of your baby. Start small and then make the square bigger as they get older. You may want to add an extra layer or booster when they are older. Once you have folded the nappy down to a smaller size square, you’re ready to begin.

The pad fold

The pad fold is the simplest fold that you can use for your flat nappies. Once you have a square shape, fold it in three. You can then place it straight into a cover or use it in a pocket nappy. It works just the same as any rectangular insert but will dry much faster when you open it out. Even if you don’t fancy using flat nappies any other way, this fold is easy to use. You can fold the pad over at the front to give more absorbency for a boy.

The Jo Fold

This is a very simple fold to master. I first learnt it when I had my oldest son, nearly fifteen years ago. I used it when all four of my children were newborn and it remains my go to suggestion for tiny babies. You can use it for any age of baby.

  • As with the pad fold, fold the nappy in three.
  • Now fan out the top, so that you have two wings.
  • Place your baby on the nappy and fold the front between their legs. You may need to fold the front over slightly for a better fit.
  • Pull the wings around the waist and secure with a snappi.

Kite fold for flat nappies

This fold for flat nappies is a little bit more complicated. It works best when paired with a booster, which you can fold into the nappy if you prefer.

  • Fold the two corners into a centre line on the nappy.
  • Now fold down the triangle at the top.
  • Bring the long point of the triangle up towards the centre.
  • Now fold this whole section up between babies legs.
  • Bring the wings across from either side and secure with a snappi.

Paper aeroplane fold for girls

This flat nappy fold is also known as Gaynor’s fold. It looks quite complicated at first glance, but is actually much easier than it looks.

  • Fold the nappy into a triangle, bringing one side over the top of the other by a few centimetres.
  • Fold this larger triangle back over again to make a triangle the same size as the smaller one.
  • This will leave a folded section in the middle.
  • Fold the whole piece in half the other way.
  • Place your baby on the nappy and bring the shorter point up between their legs.
  • Neaten up the end to give a flat edge.
  • Bring the wings around and fasten with a snappi.

The origami fold

This fold is also known as the bat fold or Chinese fold. It’s another that looks quite complex, but in fact, is easy to master. It’s great for newborns.

  • Fold the nappy in half and then half again (so that has been folded into quarters.
  • Take the top layer and pull it out to form a triangle, holding the rest of the layers in place.
  • Flip the whole thing over, keeping the folds in place.
  • Fold the square edge in towards the centre and then fold again so that you have a thicker piece in the centre of the triangle.
  • Place your baby on the nappy and fold this piece up between their legs.
  • Fold the wings around your baby and secure with a snappi.

Other uses for flat nappies

When it comes to flat nappies, you don’t just have to fold them. They are also lots of other great uses. I used our nappies as burp cloths, for nappy free time play mats, in the car and around the house. I even use them now for wiping up mess, even though they’ve not been needed as nappies for years.

I’d love to hear how you like to fold your flat nappies. Please let me know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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