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Daycares using cloth nappies

Daycares using cloth nappies

Daycares using cloth nappies can be a great way to help the environment and cut down on your waste. Lots of ECC have made the switch and giving parents the options can be a great drawcard. Here are our top tips for making the switch.

If you are looking for tips for using your own nappies at daycare, then check out our post here.

Tips for daycares making the switch to cloth nappies

  • Talk to parents; if you have lot of families already using cloth, then speak to them about the types they prefer.
  • Stick to one style. Nappies such as pocket nappies are easy to use. When using nappies on a number of children, prefolds are a good choice.
  • Using liners can stop creams from damaging the nappies, if you need to use them.
  • Separate out nappies that are just wet and those that have soilds on them. Rinse the nappies with solids first.
  • Boil wash (90 degrees) the inserts or prefold nappies in order to sanitise them.
  • You can try giving each child a different colour or print, if parents are not keen on different children using the same nappies.
  • Consider using a laundry service, there are a number in different areas which will provide you with clean nappies and launder your dirty ones.
  • A nappy sprayer can help make clean up easier.
  • Talk to your local council about any incentives for making the switch.

An envionmentally friendly option

By offering cloth nappies to the families that attend your centre, you are offering something that helps the environment and gives parents confidence that you are aligning yourself with their parenting choices. Not all families will want to use cloth nappies, but by giving people the option, you are giving them more choice.

We work with a number of EECs around New Zealand that offer a cloth nappy option to their families. If your centre does this, we’d love to hear from you. Perhaps we can help you. Or, we’re always happy to add any other tips and hints that you think might help. Comment below with your suggestions.

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