Cotton flat nappies

I posted a few days or so ago now, about using old fashioned cotton flat nappies.  And at the time, I promised more photos and a bit of an update.  Since then, I’ve been busy with birthday parties, the baby show in Dunedin and all sorts of other stuff, so now I thought it was about time that I came back to it.
Cotton flat nappies on the washing line
I used a very basic fold for the nappies, I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s one of the easier ones.  I may update at a later time with other folds that are suitable for cotton flat nappies.  I fastened it using our great snappi nappy fasteners, which are great for cotton flat nappies.
Folded cotton flat nappy
On the whole, I didn’t find the cotton flat nappies to be too much extra work.  Yes you have to fold them, and yes you do have to change them more often, but as they unfold nice and flat, they dry quickly.  On a younger baby I can really see the appeal of these.  They dry quickly, they’re natural and of course with a younger baby you don’t really need a liner, so you have that nice cotton right against the skin, and they’re cheap.  With an older wriggly baby, they’re not quite as good, but still usable, if you’re looking for an economy option, then they are ideal.

There is one thing that I love about cotton flat nappies, and this may sound a little strange, but I just love the sight of them hanging on the washing line.  Cloth nappies on the line is pretty cool anyway, but the cotton flat nappies look great.

Cotton flat nappies on the washing line
Cotton flat nappies drying in the wind
White cotton flat nappies

I’m probably a bit strange but that in itself made it worth trying the old fashioned cotton flat nappies.