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Please use the form to contact us. Alternatively, we can be reached on: 03 425 0248 or via email

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12 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. Kia ora! I’m really keen on getting some reusable postpartum pads from you. I had a question in the blog and then I sent a contact form to know what’s the difference between the night time washable pads and the Large minky and bamboo sanitary pad? They are the same length, and they have different price.
    Really keen on purchasing ASAP so your respindr will be hugely appreciated.
    Thank you!

    1. They are the same length but made with different fabrics. The large minky and bamboo pads have bamboo fleece in them, which is more absorbent and they are backed with minky fabric.

  2. Hi there I’ve noticed that your regular nappies only have 6 layers in the middle panel instead of 8. Is there a reason for this? As your other ones seem to all be I layers in the middle. Do you sell regular ones with I layers ?, many thanks

  3. Hi, I just ordered a 10pack of dinky nappies. I must have missed the bit where I put in what colours I’d like. I’m not sure what colours are avaliable but I have a boy so would prefer no pinks or purples (silly gender serotypying I know but never mind). I also want the snaps NOT Velcro.
    Thanks heaps,


  4. Hi there, When are you getting more of the nappy sprayers in? I have been looking for one as bubs started solids & I’m currently using a scraper which isn’t removing all the waste.
    Please let me know as soon as they arrive as we can’t find anything else that will suit.
    Kind Regards

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