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Confused about cloth nappy terms?

confused about cloth nappy terms

There are lots of terms and expressions that are used when taking about cloth nappies. You might find that you are confused about some of the cloth nappy terms that you come across. Here’s our simple guide to help you get your head around them all.

confused about cloth nappy terms

Cloth nappy terms

  • AIO; All in one, this is a nappy where the waterproof cover and the absorbent inner are all attached
  • AI2; All in two, similar to an AIO nappy, but where the absorbent inner detaches from the waterproof outer.
  • Birth to potty; This is a nappy that fits from birth unti your baby toilet trains, or at least that’s the theory. Nappies that are sized, sometimes come in packs that have the right nappies to take you right through to toilet training.
  • Cloth diapers; in the USA and Canada nappies are known as diapers, so cloth diapers are the same as cloth nappies.
  • CDing; CDing is an abreviation in America for people who use cloth, cloth diapering.
  • MCN; stands for modern cloth nappies, so called because they are the modern version of reusable nappies, instead of the types of nappies your parents and grandparents might have used.
  • Fitted; a cloth nappy that is shaped like a disposable nappy, to fit around your baby. Usually these type of nappies need a separate cover.
  • Flat; a flat, usually square piece of cloth that is folded and then used as a cloth nappy.
  • Fluff; a term for cloth nappies and other related items. Started to be used when most cloth nappies were made of fluffy terry fabric, but has stuck. People often talk of getting fluffy mail when they get a cloth nappy delivery.
  • Hybrid; this is a nappy that’s part cloth and part disposable. They have a washable waterproof outer, then the choice of a cloth or disposable inner. Ideal for traveling or times when you can’t wash easily.
  • Hybrid fitted; a hybrid can also be a nappy that doesn’t have a waterproof outer, but doesn’t need a cover either. It usually has a layer of fleece which stops the liquid from travelling all the way to the outside of the nappy. It is very breathable, so can better for babies with sensative skin.
  • Insert; this is the part of the nappy that absorbs the liquid. They are made of fabrics such as bamboo, microfibre, hemp and cotton. We have a range here.
  • Liner; this part of the nappy doesn’t absorb any liquid, but acts as a layer between the skin and that insert. In some cases they help to keep the skin dry. They usually catch any solids to make cleaning the nappy easier.
  • OSFA; one size fits all, this is a nappy that is designed to fit right from birth to toilet training.
  • OSFM; one size fits most, this term started to be used rather than OSFA, when people realised that not all babies are the same and that no nappy is perfect for everyone.
  • Pocket; this is a nappy like our dinky nappy that has a waterproof outer, a pocket for placing the insert in and a stay dry layer to go against the skin.
  • Pre-fold; a rectangle of cotton or bamboo that has been prefolded and sewn for easy use. You can fasten them around your baby, or simply place in a cover. Our range can be found here.
  • PUL; stands for polyurethane laminate. It is a fabric that is used as the waterproof outer in nappies. Made from polyester with a laminate layer.
  • Stripping; is a way of cleaning your nappies to remove build up detergent or amonia. If you are washing your nappies right, then you shouldn’t need to do this often, if at all.
  • Two parters; this is a nappy that needs a separate waterproof cover. Fitted nappies, flat nappies and pre-fold nappies are all types of two part nappies.
  • WAHM; a work at home mum, many cloth nappy companies (including Nappyneedz) are run by parents who work from home.
  • Wicking; this is the movement of liquid from one place to another. Liquid wicks through the nappy liner onto the nappy. A nappy that leaks will have liquid wicking from the nappy itself out onto the cover.
  • Wrap; is another term for a nappy cover. We have a range of covers here. It is also sometimes called an overnap.

Cloth nappies

All of the terms and abreviations that are used with cloth nappies can be very confusing. Hopefully this guide has helped a bit. There are lots more terms that are used though, so if you would like me to add any to this list, please let me know in the comments below or on our facebook page.

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