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Compact menstrual cup

Compact menstrual cup

Our new compact menstrual cup is a little different. I thought I might share some photos showing you how it works.

Compact menstrual cup

Folds up small

There are lots of menstrual cups on the market and as a rule, they generally all work in the same way. Our new cup is no different in the way that it works. When it comes to storage though, it is a different matter. When not in use the cup folds in on itself, making it very small. Ideal to slip into your bag out of the way. It has a small plastic container to store it in when not in use.

Folds up flat into its own case


How to use

How to open the cup

The cup can be opened inside out

The cup is opened by pulling on the stem at the bottom. Once the cup is extended, it looks just like any other menstrual cup.

Once you have finished using it, wash and dry the cup. Then fold along the lines on the side of the cup and replace in the plastic container.

You can also open the cup inside out. This means that you can try the cup without a stem, without having to completely remove it.




A compact menstrual cup

Folding the menstrual cup

When using the cup, you can fold it as you would usually fold your menstrual cup. I usually find that the C fold works best. As shown in the photo. You may find that another fold works best for you. Try different ones until you find which you prefer.

Like all menstrual cups, you will need to sterilise this before first use. Boil for around five minutes in water. I would also recommend repeating this periodically. You don’t have to sterilise before every use, but make sure that it is washed well after use.

This is a one size cup. It fits in between our standard large and small cups and has been used successfully by both women who usually use small and large.


You can buy the cup here.








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